How can I Reinvent Myself?

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Sometimes we can feel like we are stagnating on a personal level. Whether we are reaching the goals we set for our selves or not, we may feel that personally we are not quite where we want to be. The great thing is that we have the ability within our selves to evolve and experience personal growth. It is possible to reinvent your self by understanding your life's purpose and your place in it and then making a realistic plan for your fresh start.

Look to your goals first so that you can confirm what it is you really want out of life. By all means, change your goals if your priorities have changed. If you don't have any goals, you can make some as you begin to reinvent yourself. Your goals should relate to what you want your life's purpose to be. There are all kinds of great goal setting books available today as well as information on the Internet about setting and reaching your goals.


Once your goals are established, or re-established, and you know what you want and what you feel your life's purpose is, you can start thinking about how you would like to reinvent yourself. If you want to be more spiritual, for example, first you'll have to define what that means to you. For some it may mean organized religion, while for others it may mean a more sensitive approach to interactions with others. Reinventing yourself is all about making the changes that you want to and need to make in order to help you become the person you want to be, not who you think others want you to be.

If you're not sure how you want to change yourself, or even if you do want to make any changes to yourself, try visualizing yourself in your mind's eye going about your day. Are you pleased with your behavior, how you take of yourself and how you spend your day? If not, think about only what you can change and exactly how you would accomplish that. When you have a realistic plan to reinvent yourself, whether the changes relate to your body, mind or soul, persevere by understanding your strengths and weaknesses and then persevere to get what you want for yourself.


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Post 4

There are a lot of life-coach programs, classes and workshops out there on this subject. Has anyone tried them? What has been your experience and would you recommend it?

I want to make some changes with myself and my life but I don't think I can do it alone. I have thought about going to therapy or counseling but I don't think that will help very much. I think I would do well in a group environment where I can interact with other people like me.

I'm kind of scared about pursuing some of these workshops though. What If I attend and it's a waste of money? But I know I need to do something and make some changes soon, I am just sick of the way things are right now. I would love to hear some suggestions on where I can start out.

Post 3

I am on a journey to reinvent myself as well. I have been doing a lot of reading, particularly on self-development and spirituality. I still have a long way to go I think. But one suggestion I would have for people who are in the same spot would be to open themselves up to new opportunities, people and places.

I have taken up meditation to help me and have met so many new and amazing people this way. I realized that I am not alone, there are many people who are not sure of where they are in their lives, what they have accomplished and where they are headed. We have worries and plans and we get frustrated with

our family members and unsatisfied with our jobs. Everyone goes through these stages, but I sincerely feel that it is such a stage and things to get better with time.

I think we can reinvent ourselves and our lives best by trying things we have never tried before. I have friends who have taken a trip across the world and came back as changed people with a different outlook on life.

Sometimes a new place, a new friend, a new train of thought can be enough to start the transformation. I heard my doctor say something once "if you want to get better, you will." I think the same is true here. If you want to reinvent yourself, you certainly will!

Post 2

What reinventing myself means to me is learning from past mistakes and not repeating them. It also means accepting myself as I am, being compassionate and kind to myself first.

I think I have reinvented myself. But it wasn't necessarily that I changed who I was as a person. I am still the same person. It was just that before, I was not living my life according what I believe and feel. I was living it based on my assumptions about what people expect from me. So I was not happy with myself or my life and never content.

Ever since I have started doing what I really feel like doing without worrying about what other people think

of me, I feel like a new person, actually, I feel like I am really me now.

So maybe reinvention is more about getting to know ourselves better and doing what is right for us. Everything else just seems to fall into place.

Post 1

This is a very helpful and useful article. I have thought about making changes in my life. But reinventing myself sounds more powerful. In order for me to change my life, I must change who I am as a person.

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