How can I Reduce my Heating Bill?

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Reducing a home heating bill is not as hard or expensive as it might appear. Through a mix of simple fixes and changes, it can be possible to save a substantial amount money on a monthly home heating bill.

Some of the quickest ways to reduce heating costs are to make smart decisions when using energy. For example, are there rooms in the home being heated that aren't being used? If so, closing doors or turning down the heat in those areas could produce immediate savings. Additionally, adjusting the thermostat a few degrees and wearing a sweater instead can also save money. Turning heat down at night or when no one is home are other easy ways to save money.

Other fixes require a little effort. Cold air can often leak through tiny spaces around windows, resulting in drafts that add to heating bills. Sealing the areas around leaky windows can help keep a home warm, as well as keep the home cool in the summer. Additionally, insulation is another way to keep heat inside the home. Problems with the insulation, or missing insulation, can add to heating bills. Insulation acts similar to a blanket, and can help prevent heat inside the home from escaping outside. Home improvement stores are an excellent resource for fixing these problems, and can provide both supplies and advice.


Utility companies can be a helpful resource when looking for ways to reduce a home heating bill. Many produce pamphlets filled with ideas for saving on heating costs. Others offer energy audits, in which a utility company employee can visit and do a room by room check of the home to offer ideas. It can be helpful to check with the utility company to see what options exist.

When looking to save on heating costs, it can be useful to walk through the home and look it over closely. On a cold winter day, do some rooms feel colder than others, or is there a draft? That can be a sign of a leak in a window or elsewhere. Do empty rooms feel warm? If so, it might indicate an area that could use less heating. Often, walking through a home can provide ideas that might not be apparent otherwise.

Saving on heating costs can be quite simple and inexpensive. With a few quick changes and fixes, many people can save quickly on monthly home heating bills.


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Post 5

I try to save on heating bills by eliminating cold air drafts from windows and doors. This year, I used something from my son's old camping equipment - a blue foam camping pad. This pad is a closed cell foam material and is easily cut and flexible for blocking air drafts.

Post 3

My friend keeps his door open to the outside for his cats most of the year (unless it's in the 30's). His thermostat is usually set for 65-70 degrees. I've tried to tell him he's spending a lot more on heat but was curious how to determine how much more. The rest of his house is insulated with double-pane windows.

Post 2

This article is very helpful. But in my case, it won't help. You see, I have wood heat. Our house stays nice and toasty, but for some odd reason, my electric bill doubles during the winter months. Anyone know why?

Post 1

I'm going away for 2 months this winter. What can I do to reduce my gas and electric bill by a lot?

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