How can I Prevent Morning Sickness?

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Though it may seem unexpected, sometimes the best way to prevent morning sickness is by continuing to eat small meals throughout the day and before getting up in the morning. Morning sickness tends to occur when the stomach is empty, and one's blood sugar drops. Staying active throughout pregnancy may be able to help one prevent morning sickness as well.

Almost all pregnant women experience morning sickness at some point throughout their pregnancy; it is most common during the first three months, but it can last the entire duration of the pregnancy. In addition, some people feel nauseous or experience vomiting all day as well, not just in the morning. It can be difficult to prevent morning sickness entirely, but there are some ways to lessen its effects. Keep in mind that what works for some women may not work for everyone.

One of the best ways to prevent morning sickness is to eat small meals throughout the day; doctors frequently recommend every two hours, because this helps to prevent one's blood sugar from crashing. Eating a small snack right before bed can be helpful as well; dairy foods in particular, such as milk or yogurt, can be beneficial at neutralizing stomach acid. In addition, it is sometimes helpful to avoid foods that tend to cause stomach upset, such as greasy or fried food. Finally, take a prenatal vitamin with a meal if it tends to cause nausea.


Waking up slowly is another good way to prevent morning sickness. Keep some plain crackers by the bed, and nibble on them before even getting out of bed. Then get up slowly, and eat another small bit of food if possible. After one has been awake for awhile, and has some plain food in the stomach, a healthy breakfast can be eaten. Some people also find that fruit can help to settle the stomach.

Taking ginger pills or drinking some sips of ginger ale might also help to prevent morning sickness. Taking care of oneself by making some time to exercise every day, and being certain to get a good night's sleep as well, can also help with morning sickness, and can boost energy levels throughout the entire pregnancy. If one is experiencing constant vomiting, a doctor may be able to prescribe a medication to prevent nausea, which will help to ensure that the baby is growing normally.


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Post 3

My sister had really bad morning sickness during most of her pregnancy. She was especially affected by odors. Sometimes when we made eggs in the morning, it would make her sick. So we tried to ventilate the house as much as possible and we tried not to make things that made her sick like eggs, fish and onions. She also kept a basil plant in her room, it smelled really good and helped her with the morning sickness.

I don't know what doctors would say about this, but she had a lot of potato chips during the pregnancy. She said it helped to settle her stomach. I guess it was the potatoes or the salt. Light potato chips with less oil can be a good snack food.

Post 2

I absolutely agree that having light and healthy food, especially for dinner is a must.

My recommendation would be to refrain from acidic foods at night. I have a real sensitive stomach, I feel sick often even when I am not pregnant. So during my pregnancy, I didn't have any acidic foods like salad dressing with vinegar, oily foods or spicy foods at night.

I had simple foods and snacks like bread, crackers, cheese, oatmeal, potatoes, applesauce, banana and milk. Especially milk and potatoes remain in the stomach for a long time, so it's really good for morning sickness.

Post 1

I tried to relieve morning sickness when I was pregnant with ginger candies and wrist bands.

Ginger is said to be very good for the stomach, it soothes it and stops nausea. I always kept a pack of them next to my bed and ate one if I felt nausea coming on. It's also good to have some honey and ginger tea with breakfast.

You can also find wrist bands nausea at pharmacies. You just wear these around your wrist and it applies pressure at a point which helps to prevent morning sickness during pregnancy. I could never wear them throughout the night as that would hurt. But I would slip them on as soon as I woke up.

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