How can I Prevent Brassy Hair?

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People who have blonde hair as a result of chemical coloring may also have brassy hair. The term "brassy" refers to blonde hair that has an orange appearance. If your hair appears brassy, then there are a few things that you can do to combat this effect beginning with rethinking your current hair color.

Frequently, using a blonde hair dye that is too light for your natural hair color will produce brassy hair. Another reason why brassy hair may occur has to do with the length of time that a hair dye is allowed to penetrate your natural hair color. As with any other hair color, blonde dye must be left to penetrate the hair for a specific amount of time. If hair dye is removed before the color has had time to seep into your hair thoroughly, you may experience brassy hair.

If you color your hair at home, then you may also want to check your water supply. Since many cities around the world treat water supplies, your water may be high in iron. When water has too much iron in it, chemical hair color may react adversely. If you suspect that your water has an overabundance of iron, purchasing a demineralizing shampoo may be helpful. This type of specialty shampoo may be found in salons and online at certain beauty retailers.


In addition, shampoos that were meant for blonde hair may help to minimize the look of brassy hair. These shampoos often have blue undertones, which help to reduce the orange color produced by many hair dyes. Blonde-specific shampoo can be found at local salons or online through reputable beauty suppliers.

Lastly, you can opt for a toner in lieu of permanent hair dye. Toner is similar to hair dye, only toner does not contain as much peroxide as hair dye does. Applying a toner to your hair will result in a subtle blonde hue, though this type of colorant does not last as long as a permanent hair dye does.

When all of the aforementioned steps fail, you may want to consult with a professional hair stylist. By hiring a professional stylist to color your hair, you can avoid many of the mistakes that many people make while attempting to use a home hair dye kit. Even though this option may be more expensive than dying your hair at home, having your hair dyed by a professional stylist will not result in brassy hair.


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Post 3

@Wesley91: Please tell me what the name is of the High Lift Tint you used and also where do I find it? I used permanent hair color in #12 ultra light Blond with 40 volume developer, and I got orange. My hair stylist got away from using bleach on my hair five years ago and she uses 40 voloume high lift tint with 40 volume developer and my hair comes out the perfect blond color I like. I could not find 40 volume high lift tint when I searched online? Please help someone? Thanks.

Post 2

@snowywinter: I am one of the people who tried to lighten my natural dark hair and I definitely looked brassy. Now, I use high lift tints when I color. These tend to have more lightening power for people with dark hair and can lift the hair three to four shades instead of the regular two to three with other hair colors. Natural black hair color usually doesn't give you the ideal look if you are trying to go blonde.

I also use Shimmer Lights shampoo regularly. It is dark blue and it will offset any color of orange that may still be in your hair.

Post 1

As the article stated, one of reasons your hair may appear “brassy” is that the hair color product is not left on your hair long enough. This happens mainly when you are lightening your hair. When you lighten your hair, there are various stages that occur before reaching the final blonde shape. Orange happens to be one of the intermediate shades that are part of the natural progression to blonde. When you remove the hair color before it has passed from the orange stage to the blonde stage, the result is brassy undertones.

You may also experience brassy looking hair if your hair is too dark for the color that you are trying to use. Regular permanent dyes only lift the hair two to three shades. You can check with your beautician to find out what the best hair color is for your type of hair.

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