How can I Prevent Alzheimer's?

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While some risk factors for Alzheimer's disease, such as aging and genetics, can't be altered, research suggests many different methods may help prevent this devastating memory disorder. Studies show that living a healthy lifestyle that includes staying both physically and mentally active may reduce the risks of getting the memory disease. Eating healthy foods and avoiding smoking are part of a healthy lifestyle that may help in prevention.

Working on mental challenges such as puzzles and games may help keep the brain fit in terms of memory improvement. Some studies show that logic puzzles as well as word games and riddle solving, especially as a person gets older, may help prevent Alzheimer's. Learning new things, rather than just maintaining the same activities, when a person turns 65 may also act as a deterrent to getting the brain disorder. Whether it's learning another language, developing skills in a new sport or experimenting with a different craft technique, trying new activities is thought to benefit mind health and help prevent some types of brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.


Physical, not just mental, activity is considered important in attempting to prevent developing Alzheimer's disorder. Walking, stretching and other daily activities such as housecleaning or gardening can help keep seniors' bodies coordinated as well as physically fit. Some studies have shown that weight training after the age of 65 may reduce the risks of getting Alzheimer's by as much as 50%. At least 30 minutes of different exercises five times a week is thought to play a part in building physical health to prevent Alzheimer's.

A healthy diet and not smoking are other lifestyle changes that may cut Alzheimer's risks. Smoking after age 65 is especially thought to raise the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Of course, it's better not to start smoking at all, but quitting the habit as soon as possible may help prevent Alzheimer's according to some research.

The role of diet in Alzheimer's disease prevention is suggested by studies to be linked to the regular consumption of foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids, such as some types of fish, plus nuts and olive oil. Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains are also thought to help prevent Alzheimer's. Since obesity and diabetes are suggested by some studies to contribute to the risks of developing the Alzheimer's brain disorder, keeping a healthy body weight, as well as monitoring one's overall health, is important.


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