How can I Organize my Garage?

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Garages are often in need of better organization. Cluttered, cramped and full of junk, they can become unworkable after a short time unless they are organized. With a few simple tips and a little effort, this area can become one of the most efficient uses of space in the home.

In many places, garages have the reputation of frequently being junk-filled and messy. Homeowners often use the space as a sort of dumping ground, often putting things there that don't have use elsewhere. Not surprisingly, a first step in organizing a garage should be to walk through to see what contents are still needed, and what can be donated, stored or thrown away. You may also be able to sell some items at a garage sale or through an online auction. This can cut down on the clutter dramatically. Organizing the space is much easier when there is less in it to organize. Cleaning it out is a necessary first step before it can be properly organized.


Once the garage is reduced to essential contents, it is time to get to work. There are many ways to organize a garage, but one of the simplest is to store similar items together. For example, a large collection of tools can be kept together in a particular area, while auto supplies might be in another. This has the advantage of both looking neater and making it easy to find contents later. Items that don't fit in one of the groups created might not belong in the garage, and might better be put in storage or elsewhere.

Once the garage is organized into categories, the next step is to put everything away. Frequently-used items might work best on shelves, which make the items readily-seen and easy to find. Shelving supplies and installation advice can be found at most home improvement stores. Items that won't be used often can be stored in boxes. The boxes should be sturdy and have clear labels, making it easy to find items later when needed. Neatly storing items can make a huge difference when organizing.

Once the garage is organized, little finishing touches help make lasting improvements. Lighting may need to be increased to better see things, or painting might need to be touched up.

With a little effort, organizing a garage can be a simple project. In the space of a weekend, the space can be efficiently organized. When well-organized, it can be a valuable and functional part of the home, rather than a disorganized eyesore and stressor.


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Another really useful tool I have found is Flip Clip Storage kits. They are quick, easy and affordable and have a ton of uses for garage storage. Just clip them on to an exposed stud and in minutes you're garage is organized.

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I have been looking to get my garage organized recently. One of my friends just got his done by a company Called Gorgeous Garage and it looks great. The reason I'm asking commenting is to see if there is anyone else that sells a system similar to it that is located in Houston, Texas? I have looked and havn't found anyone who sells a similar product. They don't have a dealer near me yet, they have one in east texas over 5 hrs away. Please Help me...

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where do I put the stuff?

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