How can I Organize a Halloween Party for Adults?

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Halloween does not have to be a children-only affair. If you miss the excitement of jack-o-lanterns, donning a costume, and joining a party, you should know that Halloween parties for adults have become increasingly popular over the past decade. In fact, one in ten American adults admits to going to a Halloween Party over the past three years. If you are ready to join in the fun, here are a few ideas on planning a successful party.

When it comes to party invitations, be creative. A Halloween Party for adults requires only simple pre-made invitations bought at any party supply store, or you can make your own using construction paper, Halloween-themed confetti, and some markers. Not the creative kind? Design the invitations in your computer and print them out. Or use Evite for free online invitations—but only if you are sure your guests check their email regularly. Finally, make sure you send out the invitations at least two weeks in advance, so people have the time to find a costume and organize last minute details.


Go all out with decorations. Nothing sets the mood for a Halloween Party better than a spooky house. Stock up on all sizes of pumpkins to spread around the house. If you don't have the time or energy to carve a couple dozen jack-o-lanterns, look for the plastic variety, and makes sure at least some of them light up. Buy black lights for the all lamps in your house, or alternate with red for a spookier ambiance. Fog is easy to create by mixing dry ice and hot water, and any house can look abandoned if you cover most furniture with white sheets and then place fake cobwebs in the corners. A Halloween party for adults is a great opportunity to go all out with scary props. For example, remember to set the mood with Halloween sounds, usually available in CDs or downloadable from the Internet.

As a last touch to a successful Halloween party for adults, make sure your food and drinks match the mood. Use red or black food coloring to almost anything to make it look creepy. For example, offer black Jell-O shots, make ice cubes with gummy worms inside, blood (tomato) soup, and tombstone-shaped cookies. You can find great Halloween recipes online by simply doing a quick search.


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Post 2

When I think of the creepiest Halloween party themes for adults, I think of all the Halloween parties that I have been to in a large field surrounded by woods. They take a long time to set up, but they can be fun. It also helps if someone you know has lots of land, and is open to hosting a party like this.

One party that I remember had a trail that was cleared through the woods with a four-wheeler. All kinds of creepy props were strewn about in the woods with jack-o-lanterns lighting the way. Things like open suitcases filled with burned and bloodied dolls that had all their hair cut off, scarecrows tied to trees

, Mounted dear and bear heads from my buddies basement that he hung on trees, and lots of fake cobwebs. To top it all off, there was a roasted pig and roasted chickens on a table covered in fake blood. The beer was in coolers next to the table, and fake blood was mixed into the water and ice in the coolers.

In the field were a bunch of tombstones made out of painted plywood. The host also started the party by torching a bonfire that was covered in straw and doused with gasoline. It was a great night, and the trail through the woods was definitely creepy.

Post 1

Halloween party ideas for adults...A few years back I threw a Halloween party with a few of my neighbors and it was the best party ever. I lived in a small apartment building (only six loft apartments built into a huge retired dairy barn) called the barn apartments. The entire bottom floor of the building was an empty space that was empty, occasionally holding a car that was being worked on. On the hayloft end of the barn was a huge open space, and a hayloft that made a perfect stage. From the stage was a rope that hung down and was used as a rope swing.

The setting was perfect for a Halloween party (a creepy old barn). We

had a friend set up turntables and DJ between sets from another friend's band. In the backyard, we set up a minibike racetrack with traffic cones and had mini bike races. Finally, we had lots of decorations, alcohol, a bonfire, and food. The party lasted well into the morning, and we had about 75 people show up in costume. It was one of the best parties ever.

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