How can I Organize a Desk?

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Many office workers, whether that office is at home or at a business, have a task they find difficult: finding the time and/or inclination to organize a desk. A person’s desk is usually an island of individuality in the office, and making the effort to organize a desk can be daunting. To organize a desk, a person needs to make sure what is really necessary, be willing to trash the unnecessary and devise a system to keep the desk neat.

One major obstacle many people face when attempting to organize a desk is lack of storage space. For office workers who must keep records or “outbox” material for a period of time, storage space is critical. However, if it simply cannot be acquired, one good solution is a neat storage box that can sit unobtrusively under the desk. It should, however, be “weeded” occasionally, to remove unneeded material, making room for more recent records.

A stacking file is a blessing for those short on storage space who are attempting to organize a desk. A stacking file is a series of platforms attached to a single base. Many have six to eight platforms for various categories of materials. A stacking file makes a great inbox, since the worker can put her hands on specific files more quickly. Since a stacking file is vertical, it takes up no more flat desk space than a single inbox, making it ideal for space saving means.


Those materials most often used should be placed closest to the worker. The telephone, pen and pencil holder should all be close to hand, along with a notepad, for jotting down numbers or other information. However, these items should not interfere with the use of the computer keyboard or mouse. A small desk calendar, rather than a calendar pad, may be better for those attempting to organize a desk of smaller proportions. Those with more desk space may want a large desk pad calendar.

A small box or file should always be available for miscellaneous paperwork, mail and other items. However, it should be cleaned out at least twice a month. Items not often used, but still needed, should be relegated to a desk drawer.

The office worker should seek to organize a desk in the way which will give him or her maximum efficiency. Some office supply stores even sell desk organizers to help workers in this purpose. These are helpful if the worker has the desk space to accommodate the organizer. The best way to organize a desk, though, is to keep the effluvia to a minimum. This means discarding anything unused in over a month, or anything unlikely ever to be used again. Even desk drawers should be cleaned out occasionally. As time-consuming as it may be, getting a desk organized will save time in the long run and will help the worker be more efficient.


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