How can I Make Cute, Easy Baby Shower Cakes?

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You don’t have to be a practiced baker to make cute baby shower cakes. Even if you are an accomplished baker or cake decorator, but you are simply short on time, you can use your favorite cake recipe or bake cakes from a packaged mix. Whip up your own frosting or buy ready to use tubs of frosting, adding food coloring if desired. Blue and pink cupcakes can be appropriate, or cakes can be made in simple shapes that look like children's toys.

One of the easiest things to do is to make cupcakes. Add a drop of red food coloring to a bowl of white frosting and a drop of blue to another, then mix them well to make pink and baby blue icing. When cupcakes have cooled, frost half of them with each color. You can then simply line up the cupcakes to spell out the word baby in the center of the table. Place doilies on the table first, if you want, and scatter pink and blue diaper pins around the bottoms of the cupcakes.


As an alternative, you could make baby shower cakes that look like baby blocks. Mix batter for three cakes according to package or recipe directions. Spray or grease three square pans and divide the cake batter evenly between the pans; many people find that disposable foil pans work well. Bake according to directions and cool. While your cakes are cooling, cover a large piece of cardboard with foil, butcher paper, or wrapping paper to make a base for your cakes and then place all three cooled squares on the base. Angle each one just a little.

Frost the cakes with white frosting or set aside parts of each tub of frosting to mix with food coloring and frost each cake in a pastel color. Use thick licorice whips to make the letters A, B, and C on the top of each square cake. Cover the licorice with frosting in a color that contrasts with the frosting on each cake. Use licorice to make a border around the inside top edges and the outside bottom edges. Cover the licorice with frosting, then place a few real pacifiers around and between your cakes as additional decorations, if you want.

If you’re really in a pinch, you can simply bake a cake and frost it. Print out a cute image from your computer, cut it out, and center it on top of your cake. Remove the image before serving by gently pulling it off in a diagonal direction.


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Post 4

Yes, the diaper cake with cloth diapers is a great idea. Even if a new mom plans to use disposable diapers, cloth diapers still have a zillion uses, like for burping cloths, to wipe up spills, for their original function if you're low on diapers and it's midnight, and even give a couple to the hubby for him to use on the car to buff it after he waxes it. There are so many uses for cloth diapers, that a diaper cake made from them is a fun and ultimately practical idea.

Then, if you want to serve something sweet, do cupcakes or something along those lines.

One idea is also to frost the cake in a solid color, then

, using one of those disposable decorating frosting tubes, stripe it off in a grid and put little plastic baby charms or doo-dads in each square. Cut along the squares.

If the mom-to-be is having some issues with smelling certain sweet smells, take keepsake photos of the cake for her before she arrives and keep it in the kitchen so the odor won't bother her.

Post 3

Another idea is to ask the guest of honor what she is craving. Some pregnant women have aversions to sweets and it may make her very uncomfortable. Then the cake could be replaced with her favorite alternative, such as a fruit salad or a nice vegetable platter.

If there is still a need for sweets, the hostess could provide sweets in grab bags or put out mints at each guest’s seat. If there is not cake present for the sake of the mother-to-be, the guests should be more then understanding! After all, who wants to challenge the choices of a pregnant woman?

Post 2

Sinefey - that is a really great idea! I have attended a shower where the hostess made one of the diaper cakes and used it as décor for the guestbook table. Also, I have hosted a shower where I took this idea but modified it, using washcloths and booties to make smaller ‘cakes’ to put as centerpieces at each table.

Another idea, to go along with the cupcake idea, is to just make cookies using a variety of baby themed items. Then it could be a game to have the guests frost and decorate the cookies so that the mother-to-be could choose a winner! This makes the shower more interactive for all the guests and allows there to be more socialization!

Post 1

A lot of people seem to be doing a Diaper Cake for the baby shower too. It's basically just a bunch of cloth diapers rolled up and stacked so that they look like a tiered cake. Then take a length of wide pink or blue ribbon and tie around it to hold the stacks in place and end it with a big bow.

After that just use the little diaper pins to decorate it randomly with pacifiers and cute little things like that. There are all kinds of ways to match the rest of the decor or even by theme, just change the ribbon's color or patterns.

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