How can I Make Bubbles?

Erika Peterson

Bubbles are often considered a toy and a game; in fact most children love to make bubbles so much that making bubbles can entertain them for hours. More and more parents, teachers and day care workers make bubbles everyday for a fun playtime treat. And guess what? Basic bubbles are just as easy to make as they seem. All you need are three principal ingredients.

Bubbles made from soap and water.
Bubbles made from soap and water.

Getting started in making bubbles is easy, just gather the necessary materials. You will need a container to mix the bubble solution, something to stir with, a measuring cup, water, some people claim that distilled water is best, soap and a thickener.

Dish soap is often used to make bubbles.
Dish soap is often used to make bubbles.

Get started

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Dish soap is commonly used in the bubble making process; however, baby shampoo may be the best bet for bubble making. Unlike dish soap, baby shampoo or soap is gentle and will not irritate skin or eyes. Both types of soaps will help to make high quality bubbles of all sizes.

Bubble thickeners are important to use when you make bubbles. They usually come in two forms, corn syrup or glycerin. These substances allow the bubbles to be strong and last longer than bubbles that are made with a simple solution of soap and water.

To make your own bubble solution mix soap, corn syrup or glycerin and water in a large container or bucket. For an easy bubble mixture try mixing 1 part soap, 10-15 parts water and ¼ part white corn syrup or glycerin. If this mixture does not work for you you may want to experiment with different amounts of soap, water and syrup. Your ideal mixture will not be that hard to discover. Once you have mastered a great bubble solution is made making the actual bubbles is a fun and playful task.

To make the bubbles simply coat a straw or bubble wand with solution and blow air to create bubbles. You can also wave some bubble wands through the air to create bubbles. For kids try making a large bubble wand out of a piece of metal or a hanger, children will love waving the wand through the air and seeing their own personal soapy circles and other shapes.

Shampoo may be used to make scented bubbles.
Shampoo may be used to make scented bubbles.

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