How can I Make a Sock Puppet?

K T Solis

Children love puppets and enjoy interacting with them in puppet shows and story times. Planning a puppet craft is an excellent way to stave off boredom when kids are confined to the house because of the weather. There are many types of puppets in the world today, but not all of them can be made from items found around the house. Sock puppets are one of the simplest types of puppets that can be made. It only requires using various items that can be usually found in the average home. Making a sock puppet is a perfect rainy day activity for children because it permits them to be creative and allows the fun to continue once the puppet is made.

A sock puppet may consist of a sock placed over the hand.
A sock puppet may consist of a sock placed over the hand.

Look around the house for an old sock to make the sock puppet. Most households have several single socks lying around because socks have a strange habit of getting separated from their mates. If there are no old socks available in the house, go to a dollar store and purchase a pair. After finding a sock, begin to gather craft materials for the sock puppet in order to give it some personality. Old buttons, yarn, scraps of cloth, googly eyes, and felt are all excellent items to use for a sock puppet.

Two buttons can be used for eyes when making a sock puppet.
Two buttons can be used for eyes when making a sock puppet.

The sock should fit on the hand. Make sure that the person's fingers are inside the toe of the sock. Gather a section of the sock between the thumb and the palm. This will be the head of the sock puppet. Use craft glue and glue two buttons on the face. Place the buttons near the knuckles of the hand. This will serve as the puppet's eyes. If desired, googly eyes, usually available at craft stores, can be used. Next, take another button and glue it to the spot where a nose should be. Cut a piece of felt in a triangular shape and glue it inside the mouth of the puppet. Cut some yarn and glue it to the top of the puppet's head.

Make the puppet more elaborate by adding other items to it. Use scraps of cloth to make a hat, hair, scarf, necktie, shirt, dress, or other accessories. Consider giving the puppet earrings or a necklace. Earrings and necklaces can be made from craft foam, buttons, or cardboard.

After the puppet is complete, help children make more puppets. Once they have created a cast of puppets, they can put on a puppet show. Children can write their own scripts, compose songs, create scenery, and act plays out with their puppets. Help a child make a sock puppet, and she will have a toy that will provide her with hours of creative play.

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Sock puppet patterns can also be added to with things like fabric paint, beads, or fabric scraps to make "clothes" for the puppets.


Sock puppet theatres are equally simple to construct. Anything, from a shelf or table to a large box or even the back of the couch, can just be spread with a sheet over it and used; as long as the actors can hide behind it, and the audience can sit in front of it, you can use it as a sock puppet stage.

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