How can I Make a Candy Wreath?

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It’s possible to make a candy wreath for a fairly low cost in quite a short amount of time. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! Candy wreaths make great homemade holiday and hostess gifts. Although a basic candy wreath can be made out of wrapped hard candies tied to a wire frame, the result can actually be very glamorous if you choose the candies and ribbon carefully.

One idea to make a candy wreath look elegant is to stick to a color scheme and/or a flavor theme. For example, for lovers of chocolate and coffee choose candies in those flavors that have wrappers in shades of brown and gold. There are many candies out there that fit that description and you can use many different shapes as long as the colors and flavors are similar. Add a beautiful ribbon bow to the lower edge of the wreath for the perfect finishing touch.

To make a sweet gift for a salt water taffy lover, you can make a candy wreath using ribbon and a bow to coordinate with those dreamy pastel taffy colors. Ribbon with an iridescent finish may be a nice touch on this type of candy wreath. Don't be afraid to be creative! For example, if you make a wreath with lollipops with a hard candy or two tied on the same places on each lollipop stick, the end result could be quite interesting if the sticks all radiate outward.


You can buy a metal wreath, but many people use wire coat hangers and a wire cutter. You can cut and bend the wire into circles and if you make different sizes of circles you can have a double or triple layered wire frame if you use thinner wire to hold the circles together. Depending on the size, a single wire wreath may take about 40 or 50 hard candies.

Curling ribbon can work well for attaching the candies onto the wire form. You can curl the ends after you first center each candy in the ribbon as you tie it on. For the look of a greenery wreath, you could use green-wrapped candies and green curling ribbon and then clusters of colored candies as accents. When you make a candy wreath, a great option is to attach a mini pair of scissors to the wreath with ribbon.


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Post 3

@Sierra02 - That's a cute idea to make a sports candy wreath for your little league team. I've never used any candy other than wrapped or long and slender like candy canes or lolli-pops but I'm sure there's a way it can be done.

If I were doing it I would probably use a styrofoam ring and attach the chocolate balls to that with a toothpick. Another option might be to wrap them each with clear stretch chain like they sell in the jewelry department at the craft stores.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of other creative ideas from this message board but one thing you don't want to do is to try and attach them with a hot glue gun. I've made too many messy mistakes with hot glue and chocolate in the past. Good luck and have fun.

Post 2

Does anyone know how to make a candy wreath using milk chocolate balls? The balls are wrapped in soccer printed paper, but there isn't a twisted end on the wrapper. I'm the team mom for our little league girls soccer team and I wanted to give each of the girls a candy wreath at our end of the season celebration. Any ideas you might have on how to attach the little chocolate balls is greatly appreciated.

Post 1

My friend is a teacher and she had asked me to help her make a Christmas candy wreath for her students one year, only she didn't want to make one big wreath, she wanted three dozen tiny wreaths.

I agreed even though I had only made them once before, many years ago when I was in Girl Scouts, so as you can imagine, there was a lot of trial and error between the two of us.

We weren't very talented at cutting and shaping the wire so we used small embroidery hoops and wrapped them with green floral tape. Then we attached a tiny stuffed teddy bear holding a candy cane to each wreath and added a pretty red ribbon. They weren't exactly what she had planned but they turned out to be a success with the kids anyway.

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