How can I Look Taller?

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Lots of people want to look taller, as height may be associated with confidence. There are some simple ways you can achieve a little more height. Some of these really depend on the clothes you wear, and others are lifestyle changes.

Mountain pose is a basic standing pose that can help correct slumped posture.
Mountain pose is a basic standing pose that can help correct slumped posture.

Posture is of key importance if you want to look taller. Many of us slouch or slump, and this will diminish our natural height. There are a few simple ways to achieve better posture. One of the easiest to learn is the simple yoga mountain pose, which allows you to stand naturally, with the head uplifted and the shoulders back. Sometimes we try to achieve height by hunching up our shoulders, “around the ears,” which makes us look tenser but not taller. Instead learn a natural posture that keeps the frame relaxed but upright.

High-heeled shoes and the right fashion choices can add height.
High-heeled shoes and the right fashion choices can add height.

Sometimes people talk about how good feelings tend to make us feel taller. It’s true that a person who is happy and confident is likely to project an all around bigger personality. Learning to look taller can be as much about learning to be comfortable in your own skin, minimizing the stress in your life, and letting your happiness shine forth. This may be difficult work for some, but once achieved it is tremendously attractive to others.

There are a few visual tricks that can also help you look taller. For women, a couple of tips in how you to choose to dress may give you the illusion of height. Choose matching colors from top to bottom, instead of contrasting colors. A bright shirt and dark pants will tend to segment your height. A matching shirt and pants provides the illusion of length. If you like patterns stick to things like vertical stripes and avoid horizontal ones, which can make you look shorter.

Skirts should be worn at or above the knee. Longer skirts will tend to shrink you visually. Black opaque tights may be particularly helpful with dark skirts because they continue the color and make legs look longer. Dark shoes, especially those the color of your skirts, dresses and pants tend to elongate a total look and will help you look taller.

When you choose bottoms, look for those that sit a couple of inches below your natural waistline. This look is not only flattering for most but will also make your waist look longer. Avoid very wide belts that break up the longer look. Also, shop for dresses that have princess seams or empire waists to make distance between chest and waist look longer. Don’t forget that supportive bras create more space between chest and waist too.

Of course if you want to be a few inches taller, there are always high-heeled shoes which can add as much as five inches to your height. Men can choose thick-soled shoes for a bit more height too, and should follow directions for keeping colors matching. Darker colors for men and pinstripes in things like suits and pants will also give greater sense of height.

For both men and women, it’s important to try to stay slim. You will usually look taller, longer and leaner, if you are slimmer. If you can drop a few pounds, especially those around the waistline, you may achieve the tall look you’ve been hoping for.

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