How can I Learn to Knit Lace?

Diana Bocco

Knitting is experiencing a rebirth. Just a few years, the idea of sitting down somewhere to knit lace was reserved for the older generation. Now, however, knitting is considered again a "hip" hobby, undertaken by both young and old. While knitting was used in the past as a way to produce clothes at home in order to save time, it is now considered an art and used to produce not only clothes but also all kind of decorative home objects. If you want to learn how to knit lace, the good news is that this is an inexpensive hobby that almost anybody can take up in their free time. Here are a few steps you need to follow.

Kitting has recently experienced a resurgence as a popular pastime.
Kitting has recently experienced a resurgence as a popular pastime.

The first thing you need to do if you want to knit lace is to make sure you have all the needed materials. Lace knitting is characterized by an almost flat design, as opposed to the traditional 3D look of regular knitting. To knit lace you need choose yarn that is of fine thread, such as the one commonly known as baby or fingering yarn. Avoid chunky yarns that will obscure the laced design.

Make sure you also have the appropriate knitting needles, preferably a pair in a small size, such as 0, 1, or 2. Larger knitting needles may be more appropriate for other types of knitting, but they could be difficult to manage when you knit lace. Forums especially created for knitters are a great resource. If you want to learn how to knit lace but run into trouble following instructions, just drop by one of the forums and you will surely find somebody ready to help you.

Even if you are just starting to learn how to knit lace, the Internet may be your best resource. Free patterns and step-by-step instructions are everywhere, and even a beginner knitter can find something to tackle on her first try. Adult-education programs in design schools, learning annexes, and other centers also offer knitting classes frequently. Look for one that specifically teaches how to knit lace, as many will give you the basics of knitting but may not cover specific types.

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I saw a beautiful knitted lace scarf that used a leaf-motif pattern on an online website. This elegant scarf was tied around a vase of fresh flowers and added so much charm and character.

One of the best things about these websites, is they will usually offer a free pattern and give some invaluable tips and tricks that will help you along the way.

There are also many forums you can join to interact with others who may have same the questions you have. You will learn so much and greatly reduce the learning curve if you are trying to do it all on your own.


When I began doing some lace knitting I was also introduced to a chart pattern. I found this much easier to follow then written instructions on a page. You just follow the chart from bottom to top and from right to left.

For me, I can see what I need to do at a quick glance, instead of going through each step in the written instructions. It is nice to have both to get started, but you will find yourself going to the chart over and over again.

If you start out with some easy lace patterns, you will quickly find that it is not as hard as it looks and will love the end result.


I enjoy knitting, but have never knitted lace before. Most of my knitting projects have been with thick yarn that has resulted in some warm sweaters, mittens and afghans.

I have seen some beautiful lace patterns, but have never used such fine yarn or small needles. I am always looking for a new, creative project to try so this might be the next one. This would be a great project in the summer since you are working with lighter yarn that is not so thick and heavy.

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