How can I Kill Fleas?

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Fleas are an endless problem that many pet owners face. Once your dog or cat contracts fleas, the frustrating cycle begins. It starts with the fleas laying several eggs daily, and even if you are able to kill the live fleas, the eggs will hatch, continuing the cycle over again.

Fleas may infest your pet, his or her bedding, the carpet and furniture. Not only can this be annoying because of the itching that will result, but it can also put you at risk for typhoid fever, bubonic plague and tapeworm. While it is difficult to kill fleas and their eggs, it can be done.

In order to kill fleas and prevent the laying of more eggs you must first isolate your pet from the house. This is most easily done by taking your pet to the veterinarian for a professional flea treatment. While your pet is gone you will need to kill fleas that reside in the house and surrounding areas.


Fleas generally thrive in the area where your pet spends most of his time. This is usually his or her kennel or dog house. To kill fleas on your pet's bedding it should be washed in hot, soapy water or sealed in a large plastic trash bag and thrown away. Scrub the dog house or kennel, with a mixture of soap and hot water to kill the live fleas and their eggs. Seal the sponges or cloths used to clean the housing in a trash bag and throw them away. Be careful when removing the bedding to prevent dropping the fleas or their eggs on the ground.

Fleas can also be found hiding in the cracks and crevices of your house, such as behind baseboards, in the carpet and under furniture. In order to be sure you kill all the fleas you will need to fog your house. You can purchase flea fog at many retail stores. It is best to fog your house while your dog or cat is still at the vet. Before you fog, seal up all uncovered food and remove other pets such as fish and rodents from the house. Upon returning, vacuum all the dead fleas and toss the vacuum bag to prevent re-infestation.

Even with proper maintenance of your dog or cat, fleas can still enter your house from the outside. Fleas often travel, unnoticed, on people and pets where they are free to lay more eggs. Re-infestation can be prevented by hiring a professional to spray and kill fleas outside of the house. There are chemicals you can purchase to treat the outside yourself, but they are less effective than the ones used by the professionals.

Frequent flea treatment on your pet and in your house is required to make sure you kill fleas that may have hatched after treatment. Apply a flea repellent to your pet. Flea and tick powder should be applied to your pet's bedding and the carpet regularly. With proper maintenance you can kill fleas before they have a chance to lay their eggs and start the cycle all over again.


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