How can I Keep my Skin Looking Younger?

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Women and men alike worry about aging skin. While there are many products that claim to get rid of wrinkles and take twenty years off of your face, your best bet is to prevent damage in the first place.

The most important aspect in keeping skin looking younger is to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen should be worn every day, even in the winter. Many people apply sunscreen only when going to the beach or spending the day outdoors in the summer. However, sun damage can also occur in the winter, and sunscreen should be worn — especially on the hands, neck, and face — each time you go outside. There are many good products on the market now that combine sunscreen and moisturizers and do not feel greasy.

Another step in keeping your skin looking younger is to wash it regularly and gently. Different people have different types of skin, and you need to find the facial cleanser that is right for you. If you have oily skin, you need a very different cleanser than someone with dry or sensitive skin. After washing your face, make sure you gently pat it dry instead of rubbing it. All makeup should be thoroughly removed before bed.


Moisturizing can also keep your skin looking younger. Even if you have oily skin, you can moisturize daily, as there are many good moisturizers that are not oil-based. Eating well provides essential nutrients to the body and the skin, slowing aging and keeping the skin well-balanced.

By increasing circulation, exercise helps keep skin looking younger. Exercise can also give skin a natural glow not obtained by makeup. Not smoking can help as well — smoking deprives the skin of nutrients and its proper blood supply. In addition, pursing your lips in order to smoke causes wrinkles around your mouth.

Beauty sleep is not just an old wives' tale — sleep can actually improve your skin's appearance. Getting enough sleep can help you avoid dark circles under your eyes, and reduce puffiness. These steps will not only keep your skin looking younger, but keep you in better health in general, making you feel better as well!


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Post 3

skin moisturising is the best thing one can ever do for their skins. it keeps the skin looking fresh and younger. skin lightening creams and makeup cause a lot of damage to the skin and sometimes the damage is irreparable! thumbs up to daily moisturising and washing the skin!

Post 2

With so many products out there to choose from, it is difficult to determine which anti-aging regimen is the best. Also, the good ones are extremely expensive.

There are several products that you can make at home that work just as well. For example, honey is considered a very good wrinkle cream. You would need to wash your face well first. Be sure to use warm water because that will help to open up your pores. Then, spread it all over your face in a very thin layer. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash the honey off gently with warm water and then take an ice cube and rub it over your face. Works great.

So, before you go on a quest for younger looking skin products, check your pantry and see what you have at home.

Post 1

As important as it is to keep the skin young looking from the outside, it is equally important to take care of the skin by the food we put on the inside. Proper nutrition is an important part of a healthy, young skin.

Safflower oil is a good product to use to moisturize skin, particularly legs, but can be used everywhere even on the face. The oil is odorless and inexpensive. Olive oil works well too, except olive oil has unique smell that might work better on the salad rather then on the face.

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