How can I Keep my Kids Healthy During the School Year?

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When children are in school, they are surrounded by germs that they may not have been exposed to before. This results in children often getting a variety of illnesses throughout the school year. There are several things you can do to help keep your kids healthy and minimize their absenteeism.

Immunizations will help to prevent the major illnesses that children may get during the school year. Illnesses, such as the chicken pox, run rampant among large groups of children. Make sure that your children receive their immunizations on time. Flu shots are definitely recommended during cold and flu season and should be given every year.

Children who eat healthy, nutritious foods have a much stronger immune system than those who don't. School days can be hectic for parents, especially for those who work, but making the extra effort to cook wholesome meals will keep kids healthy. Make sure to include all the food groups when preparing meals, to ensure that children receive all the recommended daily vitamins. Schools provide healthy, hot lunches for children during the week.

Adequate sleep helps to keep kids healthy, as it repairs the body. Young bodies are exposed to a multitude of stresses, including germs, throughout the day. When the body shuts down and goes to sleep, it is given the opportunity to recuperate. Children who lack the required amount of sleep become weak and can't fight off germs. School age children require eight to ten hours of sleep, per night.


Children who play outside and exercise on a regular basis are healthier than those who don't. This is because their bodies are stronger and can fight off germs more effectively. Keep kids healthy by turning off the TV and sending them outside to play whenever possible.

Also, keep kids healthy by teaching them to wash their hands. Children often put their hands in their mouth, either to bite their nails or suck their thumb. Whatever germs they may have acquired from touching other children or objects enter their body. Children who frequently wash their hands are less likely to get sick, as a majority of the germs are washed away.

Inform your children of the risk of sharing drinks, food,or grooming supplies. This will keep your kids healthy by preventing the passing of germs, illnesses and lice between children. Teach your children that sharing foods and drinks can result in serious illnesses, such as mono and herpes. The key to keeping kids healthy is making them aware of the illnesses and diseases that may be present at school.


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Post 3

@summing - I have been trying to get my kids to eat better because they need to lose some weight and both of them seem to get sick a lot. But it has been a real challenge. They would eat mac and cheese for every meal if I would let them.

What kinds of healthy recipes for kids have worked for you? I know that I am not going to get my kids to eat like raw food vegans but there has to be a way to sneak some veggies onto their dinner plates that they will not turn their noses up at.

Post 2

Make sure that your kids get enough sleep at night. This can help to keep them healthy and it will definitely improve their academic performance. Kids are more affected by fatigue than adults and it can be really difficult for a tired student to get the most out of school.

Post 1

Schools are pools of germs, disease and virus. You put that many kids in the same small place for long enough and things are going to get pretty gross. There is really no way to absolutely ensure that your child will not get sick but you can take steps to improve their chances.

A good diet is really important. This often gets overlooked in kids but they need fruits, veggies, whole grains and sugar free drinks for all the same reasons that adults do. If they put good things in to their bodies their bodies will be stronger and more illness resistant.

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