How can I Induce Menstruation?

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Inducing menstruation may prove a difficult task. This body process is complicated and is usually not controllable at will. In some cases, however, hormone medications may be used to induce menstruation. If you are overweight, underweight, or malnourished, you may find that correcting these issues may cause you to menstruate again. Additionally, if you take a type of birth control that interferes with menstrual periods, choosing a different method may bring on menstruation.

If you are experiencing a lack of menstruation because of a hormonal imbalance, taking a hormone drug may rectify the problem. For example, you may use birth control pills to regulate the hormones responsible for ovulation and menstruation. This may stimulate vaginal bleeding that mimics menstruation. Basically, this occurs when you take the inactive pills in a birth control pack and happens in response to the withdrawal of the hormones you are taking. Once your cycles are regulated, you may stop taking the birth control pills and experience true menstruation. If you do not want to try birth control pills, your doctor may recommend another type of hormone treatment to induce menstruation.


Sometimes the lack of menstruation is due to a problem with your body. For example, if you are overweight or underweight, you may miss menstrual periods. The same may hold true if you are suffering from malnutrition or an autoimmune disorder. In such a case, making an effort to reach a desirable weight or eating a more nutritional diet may eventually induce menstruation. Likewise, getting treatment for medical conditions that interfere with menstruation may help as well.

There are also some herbal remedies that are said to induce menstruation naturally. For example, some people drink a tea made from parsley and ginger to induce menstruation. It is said to cause contractions of the uterus that lead to menstruation. An herbal supplement called vitex, which is also referred to as chaste berry, is also said to help with regulating a woman’s cycle of ovulation and menstruation.

Some people also state that eating certain fruits may help to induce menstruation. For example, you may try drinking papaya juice to induce a period. Mango and pineapple may help as well. Some people even report that taking high doses of vitamin C may help to induce menstruation.

Sometimes the lack of a menstrual period is a sign of a medical condition that warrants a doctor’s attention. As such, you may do well to seek a doctor’s evaluation if you do not know why you are missing periods or have troubling symptoms in conjunction with missed periods. A doctor may also advise you on whether or not it is safe to use herbal remedies to induce a menstrual period.


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Post 4

It's actually a good idea to know how to induce menstruation if you have trouble with a regular period. It might seem like a blessing to not have to have a period as often as usual, but it can actually lead to cancer in the long run, because the uterus ends up getting damaged from too much tissue buildup.

The article writer is definitely right that you should go and see a doctor or nurse about any issues you're having with your periods before you try to treat them yourself, as you probably have an underlying issue.

Post 3

@bythewell - I'm not a big fan of self medicating normally, but in this case I don't think it's too much of a big deal, as long as the woman is careful and sensible about it. Natural ways to induce menstruation aren't really making you bleed in the normal sense. Menstruation generally gets set off by the same kind of muscle contractions that happen during your period (which is why you might get strange bowel movements during your period as well... those hormones don't distinguish between the muscles of the uterus and the muscles around your digestive tract) and the remedies generally just help to induce those contractions rather than causing you any kind of harm.

The only exception would be if you think you might be pregnant. Most herbs that can induce menstruation might also be ways to cause a miscarriage but that can be far more dangerous, because it does carry a risk of hemorrhaging.

Post 2

I just don't think that people should be messing around with their menstrual cycles, particularly if they don't know what they're doing. I know that mine will occasionally not occur when I'm very stressed over something, but it always ends up being worse the next time because of that.

Using herbs to induce menstruation might also be dangerous, because anything that can make you bleed can make you bleed too much.

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