How can I Improve Brain Function?

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Enhancing the function of the brain is an important part of maintaining good physical and emotional well-being. There are actually a number of ways to help improve brain function, many of them involving a combination of intellectual stimulation, good nutrition, and regular physical activity. If you want to enhance the function of your brain capacity, there are some simple tips to help you do just that.

The brain is an extremely complicated yet efficient organ that makes it possible for people to perceive and experience every aspect of existence. While most people understand that a portion of the brain anatomy has a direct impact on the function of the nervous system, not everyone is aware of how important brain function is to maintaining emotional and mental balance. If the brain is unable to generate the chemicals or neurotransmitters that govern human emotions properly, illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and various phobias can result.


In order to help the brain cells remain healthy and properly release the chemicals required for emotional balance, good nutrition is very important. Consuming a balanced diet that is rich in the B vitamins, vitamin C, and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, help to supply the body and brain with the raw materials to promote this level of brain function. While it is always desirable to obtain vitamins and nutrients from fresh foods and herbs, vitamin supplements are sometimes recommended by medical practitioners in order to help restore a healthy balance to the brain and nervous system.

Exercise is also very important to brain function. Even something as simple as a brisk thirty minute walk each day can help provide the stimulation needed to promote the brain’s production of key neurotransmitters. Along with the exercise provided by the walk, the sensory stimulation in terms of sights, sounds, and smells will also aid in overall brain function and help keep the organ functioning at optimum levels.

Along with exercising the body as a means of working the brain, mental exercises and stimulation are also important. Reading, doing crossword puzzles, solving riddles, or any other task that requires the application of logic and problem solving will stimulate brain function and help to keep the organ healthy and fully operational. This type of active brain activity is generally considered to be preferable to passive activities such as watching television.

When there is some concerns about brain function, it is often a good idea to consult a health professional. A neurologist or other practitioner trained in the field of neurology can determine if there is any organic origin to issues such as depression or anxiety, forgetfulness, or a loss of memory. Once the reasons for the dysfunction are identified, it is possible to begin treatments that will correct or at least provide partial relief from the condition.


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Post 7

exercise is good for accurate brain functioning.

Post 6

meditation is one of the best exercise for the good functioning of the brain.

Post 5

wow alanon, i thought that someone was writing my story. the only thing missing is that i became an amputee above the knee on both legs at different times.

Post 4

Very interesting topic, one which I study often, but I seem to have a difficult time following the suggested things I need to do to improve myself. I have suffered from major depression and anxiety plus adult ADD, and to add to that, I am a recovering addict.

I am now on disability because of two open heart surgeries, both hereditary, and, of course, my mental state which caused me to lose many jobs. I never lost one from my use of alcohol or drugs.

I grew up with a mentally ill mom who also had the same "M.O." My father was an alcoholic. This article talks a lot about nutrition, which I have heard so many times, as

I am malnourished and underweight, anemic.

Some is caused from one of the medications I'm on which takes my appetite away. A lot of it is just plain old anxiety. I always lose weight when I have too much of that. My sister recently passed away, much too young. It's so very hard to eat anything when I'm just not hungry for anything. I have no taste for food.

Exercise is the next one mentioned. This is the one I've put off for way too long, so it has sparked me into action. For that matter, so has the nutrition aspect, and the vitamins. I want to get better. I used to have a life full of activities and friends and not enough time in the days to do everything. I loved church and meetings. Now I wonder, "What's the point?"

Perhaps, no, I'm quite sure, these are some things within my own control that will help lift me up out of some of the muck and mire of this depression. Thank you for this article so very much.

Post 3

Pranayama is another good work up for the brain.

Post 2

Sudoku is a good exercise that improves brain function.

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