How can I Help Protect Children from Predators?

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In many societies, the issue of protecting children from predators is a big one. By working together to protect children from predators, all members of a society can make the world more pleasant and safe to live in. While parents have the primary responsibility of educating their children to protect them, people can also help by looking out for each other and retaining a sense of community. Both parents and non-parents should get familiar with the people in their communities, including the children, so that they are able to notice suspicious behavior or potentially dangerous situations. These measures will help protect children from predators and may have the side benefit of reducing other crimes in a community.

Parents can protect children from predators in a number of ways. The most important way to protect children from predators is to educate them. Parents should make sure that children know how to call for help, and recognize people who are safe to approach for assistance, such as law enforcement, teachers, mothers with children, or clerks. Parents should also remind their children to travel with buddies, and set up a password system which must be followed when children are picked up by relatives and trusted family friends. Protect children from predators by identifying specific people who may be dangerous so that children know to avoid them.


Keeping track of children will also help to protect them. Parents should know where their children are, and who is responsible for them. Older children who are more independent should still call home to let their parents know where they are, and very young children should always be supervised. These measures will help protect children from predators, and can also be used within the framework of a larger community system. For example, a neighbor can look after young children until a parent arrives home from work.

People who are not parents can still help to protect children from predators by keeping an eye on the people around them. Signs of suspicious behavior should be addressed, and phoned in to law enforcement if a child appears to be in danger. Non-parents can remind children about the dangers of talking to strangers or accepting things from them, and they can also respond to calls for help made by children.

By working together to protect children from predators, the members of a community can make it much more safe. However, parents should also be prepared for eventualities. Maintaining a current picture, along with identifying information about a child, is important. Parents should also know who to call when a child is missing, so that law enforcement can respond promptly, greatly increasing the probability of finding the child.


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When children are getting attacked, we can't just sit around and do nothing - we have to make a change and do something to help them. People who abuse children should go to jail, we can't just let them get away with it. Or they're going to keep on doing it. So we have to work together and help the abandoned, abused and all the other children who need help in the world, because if we don't we'll regret it some day.

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