How Can I Help Promote Ovarian Cancer Awareness?

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There are numerous ways to promote ovarian cancer awareness, starting with organizing a coalition of ovarian cancer survivors or families of the victims. Contacting such organizations for information is another place to start. Inquire from your local health care provider or oncologist how you may promote ovarian cancer awareness. Distribution of brochures and other material can also help you spread the word.

One way to promote ovarian cancer awareness is by organizing special events. This might include fundraising events to help raise money for ovarian cancer victims. Another idea might be an ovarian cancer walk. This will not only help promote awareness of this disease, it will also help promote physical fitness.

Education is an essential part of promoting ovarian cancer awareness. Many people may not be informed about symptoms of this disease and how to seek help. You can help by circulating printed pamphlets with information about symptoms and where to find medical treatment.

Promote ovarian cancer awareness by forming a support group. This can help families and cancer victims cope with the disease by sharing their experience with others whose lives have been impacted by ovarian cancer. If you do not wish to organize a support group of your own, there are already-established groups you can help.


Spreading the word on ovarian cancer means being creative as well as proactive. Use your imagination to create ways to display your cause. You might want to have special jewelry created, such as bracelets, that your organization can wear. Services often offer discounts on large quantities of T-shirts, which can be designed with any message or logo you wish. Check the Internet for sources or look through your local telephone directory.

Additionally, do an online search for specialty shops that offer gifts to promote ovarian cancer awareness. Apparel such as shirts and hats may be offered, but there are other items to choose as well. Ovarian cancer ribbons and bumper stickers are other items that can help you promote your cause as well. Beach totes, water bottles, thermos bottles, and beach towels are other gift ideas that can help advocate.

Enlist your local church or community center for help. Organize a special ovarian cancer awareness night. Post flyers on community bulletin boards to advertise the event. Word of mouth can help too, so mention your cause to friends, family, and co-workers.


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