How can I get Teaching Jobs Abroad?

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Many who enter the field of education hope to teach in another country. Finding a job teaching in another country, however, can prove to be somewhat of a challenge. Those who are looking for teaching jobs abroad should start by gaining experience. In addition, learning another language is an important step for those looking for a teaching job abroad, especially for individuals who speak a language that is relatively localized. Staying in contact with friends and colleagues in the field and networking with recruitment firms aimed at filling international teaching positions is also essential for those who are looking for a job in education in another country.

One of the most important things that an individual looking for teaching jobs abroad can do is gain some experience teaching. In general, international schools do not hire teachers who are just out of college with no teaching experience. Instead, they prefer to hire those who have taught professionally for at least a year or two.

An exception to this rule, however, includes missionary schools, which may hire individuals with no prior teaching experience. It is important for individuals seeking these positions to be aware, however, that missionary schools typically pay very small salaries, if they pay anything at all. Despite this, missionary schools may be a good way for individuals with no prior teaching experience to get their foot in the door when it comes to finding teaching jobs abroad.


Those who are interested in teaching jobs abroad should consider learning another language. This is especially important for individuals who speak a relatively localized language or dialect. While in most cases, a translator will be available for individuals who are chosen for teaching jobs abroad, those who have at least a basic knowledge of a foreign language are typically considered to be more desirable. In many cases, a person who claims that he or she is bilingual will be asked to take a proficiency test in order to determine their secondary-language comfort level.

Networking is another important requirement for those looking for teaching jobs abroad. Individuals seeking these positions should not only reach out and stay in contact with others in the field who may be teaching in other countries, but should also research and attend recruitment job fairs aimed at filling teaching jobs abroad. Large recruitment firms around the world typically hold these fairs on a relatively regular basis in order to fill a number of positions.


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