How can I get Rid of Telemarketers?

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Many people find telemarketing calls to home and cell phones to be annoying. While there is not any one ideal method for getting rid of all telemarketing calls, there are a few ways to go about minimizing the frequency and number of these intrusions. Here are some strategies you can use to get rid of telemarketers and enjoy a little more peace and quiet.

First, make sure you are registered on any government sponsored “do not call” list. The United States and several other countries have created this type of listing. Registering your home and cell phone numbers with this list will effectively end calls from any business that does not list you as a client, or that is not a charitable or political organization. Keep in mind that this action will not prevent telemarketing calls from any company you currently do business with, or that lists you as a customer. A national do not call list will also not apply to any solicitors calling on behalf of charities or political campaigns.


A second approach that will help to get rid of telemarketers not covered by the national do not call listing involves tricking the telemarketing companies into thinking your number is no longer valid. This is accomplished by obtaining a recording of the local phone company’s automated message announcing that the number dialed has been disconnected. Be sure to capture the three tones emitted before the automated message plays, as this is what identifies a disconnected number to the autodialing equipment used by many telemarketing firms.

Recording this message and setting it up as the outgoing message on your answering machine will prompt many telemarketers to remove your telephone number from active rotation. At least for a short period of time, this will get rid of telemarketers that always seem to call an inopportune times. Make sure to let friends and family know what you are doing, so they don’t think your phone has been cut off.

A third way to get rid of telemarketers is to officially notify them to cease and desist. By using online sites to identify the company that is calling, it is possible to call back to a business office number and ask to be removed. You can also obtain mailing addresses and send a certified letter asking to be removed. Most reputable telemarketing companies will honor these types of requests.

One simple method is to make use of your caller ID feature. When a call comes in, let it roll to voice mail or your answering machine if you do not recognize the name and number of the caller. There is a good chance the call is from a telemarketer soliciting for something and he or she will hang up once your automated welcome message begins to play. If it is really important, the caller will leave a message.

Chances are that you will not be able to get rid of telemarketers in every situation. But by making use of several different methods, you can decrease the number of telemarketing calls to your home or cell phone. As for the rest, disregard them and get on with living your life.


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