How can I get Rid of Pet Odors?

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Getting rid of pet odors is not always easy, but the goal can be accomplished with perseverance. Pet urine, pet fur and pet breath odors are common pet odor problems. It is possible to get rid of odors like these with a little patience and some experimentation with different products and methods.

Pet urine in carpeting is one of the most severe pet odor problems. In really bad cases, the urine goes through the carpet backing and even through to the sub-floor. Sometimes, the only way to get rid of pet odors like this is to remove the carpeting and possibly the sub-floor. First, you can try getting rid of the smell by cleaning the carpet with a neutralizer such as the enzyme-based products available through many veterinarian practices. The neutralizer should be scrubbed onto sub-floors with a brush.

Vinegar or other neutralizers can be used to get rid of odors in the home such as on spots of dog urine. The urine should first be blotted up and then the product applied following the directions. It may take repeat applications and some time before the smell is removed. Never use ammonia to clean urine as it can make the smell even worse.

You can eliminate odors from cat litter boxes in several key ways. Covered styles of litter pans help to keep odors contained as well as prevent kitties from scooping out piles of urine-soaked litter onto the floor. Rather than filling the litter box and changing it only once in a while, use only a small amount of litter and change the box at least once a day, being sure to scoop out feces immediately. Emptying the litter daily is not enough to thoroughly get rid of the strong cat urine smell, but if you scrub the box each time with disinfectant, this will help prevent bad odors from staying around. It may seem like a big hassle to attend to the litter so much at first, but when you find you get rid of the strong odor, you may think it's worth the extra work.

Brushing your pets can help cut down on shedding and get rid of pet odors from their fur. Be sure to feed your pets a good quality diet as this can affect the smell of a pet's coat. Baking soda sprinkled on carpets a few minutes before vacuuming can also help get rid of any odors.

Pet breath odors, like human breath odors, are caused by sulfur-producing bacteria in the mouth. Brushing your pet’s teeth can really help get rid of pet odors in the mouth and help prevent periodontal disease, and it takes only seconds a day. You can eventually get your pet to accept the brushing, and only special pet toothpaste and brushes recommended by veterinarians should be used. Tartar, a yellow build-up of bacteria, minerals and food, causes odor on teeth and you can buy anti-tartar pet treats in addition to brushing your pets teeth to keep odors down and encourage good dental pet health.

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please help. i am desperate. i have a cat and a dog and my house smells really bad of them. it's starting to get me down now because i clean every day. please help. i don't know what to do to get rid of the smell.

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I have two cats and have tried everything. I recently found an amazing new product called Room Shocker. It not only took the urine smell out but it also helped with my husband’s allergies. It seems that it completely purifies the air and eliminates any severe bad odors right at the source. The best part was I didn’t have to scrub anything. Very low maintenance just leave it in a room for a few hours, come back and the smell is gone!

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