How Can I Get Free Vocational Training?

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You do not need to go into debt to get an education. Both the private and public sector provide resources to get free vocational training. Recent high school graduates, retirees, homemakers and people who are currently unemployed might be looking for vocational training. You might be able to get free vocational training through your employer, a government labor department, a temporary employment agency or certain other organizations. Look into all of the possible options, if necessary, to determine whether there is a way for you to get free vocational training.

Professional development and vocational training might be available through an employer. Severance packages might have provisions that provide laid-off employees with free vocational training. Current employees might receive tuition reimbursement or other educational incentives. Approach your boss, human resource department or labor union to get more information on this type of benefit for current or laid-off employees.

If your employer is unable to provide free vocational training or other educational benefits, inquire with a government labor department in your area. Labor departments typically offer one-stop convenience centers that offer job preparation, occupational training and computer training and can help you learn basic academic skills. These support services are especially helpful for dislocated workers, homemakers and victims of global competition or mass layoffs.


Temporary employment agencies might provide free vocational training. Agencies that provide temporary workers for employers often provide free tutorials or vocational skills to job seekers who register with the agency to improve their proficiency levels. This helps the agency obtain its goal of providing skilled candidates for employers.

Financial aid from government agencies might help you get free vocational training. Some types of aid might pay for an entire certificate, diploma or degree program. Check with your regional or national government's department of education to see whether you qualify. Additionally, talk to a school counselor and inquire about free or low-cost educational programs provided by colleges and universities. Often, scholarships are available for students who are in financial need.

Private funding might be available from non-government agencies. Some people might be eligible for free vocational training through civic groups, community centers, professional associations or public libraries. Check with these resources to find out whether free training is available and whether you qualify for it.

On-the-job training and commissary work are available from a variety of national or global organizations. An apprentice program can earn a person a paycheck while he or she gains valuable vocational skills. Commissary work sometimes provides a small stipend for living expenses and educational benefits, such as tuition reimbursement or repayment of student loans. Look for these programs listed on volunteer networks or at local churches.


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