How Can I Get a Replacement Passport?

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There are specific guidelines to follow for getting a replacement passport based on what happened to your old one. If it was stolen or lost, you may need to file a police report to get a replacement. Minors turning into adults can get adult passports in much the same way as applying for a new one. Lastly, expired passports are some of the easiest replacements to make and usually do not involve having to visit an office in person. If you get stuck or need help on a tricky aspect of replacing a passport, there are government websites, phone lines, and email accounts dedicated to helping people get a passports.

Governments typically provide specific communication lines for citizens to use in the event of a lost or stolen passport. For example, there is usually a phone number to call or form to submit, either in person or via mail, in response to this type of situation. Normally, actually receiving a replacement in response to reporting a passport as lost or stolen takes a similar amount of time as receiving a new passport. In the event of a lost or stolen passport, however, receiving a temporary one may be an option. Temporary passports are usually provided to citizens on a case by case basis, but having had a passport stolen, for example, often makes it more likely for a citizen to be able to receive such a passport on short notice.


After turning 18, some citizens who possess a child’s passport may need to replace their passport with an adult version. This is not the case in all countries, however; in some countries it is possible to continue using a child’s passport past the age of 18 and until the passport expires. Often, applying for an adult replacement passport is simpler and expedited compared to applying for a first-time adult passport, as certain requirements such as interviews may not be necessary. Usually it is necessary to submit paperwork either in person or via mail to receive a replacement passport in this type of situation.

Receiving a replacement passport in exchange for an expired one is often a simple process that can be completed by mail. Usually this type of easy passport replacement is contingent upon having an undamaged passport that was issued when a citizen had the same name and pertinent personal details as he or she currently does. It is also typically required that the previous passport was issued roughly within the previous decade. When seeking a replacement passport via mail, it is typically required that the previous expired passport be sent with an application in an undamaged state.


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