How Can I Fix Greasy Hair?

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The first step to fix greasy hair is to use the right type of shampoo that will not add moisture to your hair, yet will also not strip too much. A lightweight conditioner used after cleansing can aid in preventing your scalp from overproducing oil. Rinses, utilized before or after shampooing, may help your shampoo to work more effectively or to restore the balance in your hair, reducing greasiness. For a quick solution, dry shampoo, baby powder, or blotting your scalp can also help to fix greasy hair.

Many people believe that, in order to fix greasy hair, you need to use the highest strength cleansing shampoo available. In general, this is not true for most people with greasy hair, and can actually cause your hair to become even worse shortly after cleansing. Greasy hair is typically caused by your scalp overproducing oil, and stripping your hair of all of the oil that it creates can cause your scalp to generate even more, exasperating the problem. A mild shampoo without added moisturizers is typically best, and should be worked thoroughly into your scalp after the hair is saturated with lukewarm water. Avoid any products that contain alcohol, as these are typically too drying.


Even if you use a mild shampoo, it is still necessary to replace some of the moisture that the shampoo stripped from your scalp and strands to prevent the former from overproducing oil. A lightweight conditioner or cream rinse is typically ideal when placed on the lower third of the hair rather than at the scalp. Products geared towards those with fine hair will usually provide lightweight moisture that will keep your hair soft and shiny without making it overly greasy.

If you cannot seem to control the amount of oil that your scalp produces even when using the ideal shampoo and conditioner, a pre- or post-wash rinse may help. Before shampooing, mix Epsom salt in a pitcher of warm water and pour the concoction over your hair, avoiding your eyes, and then shampoo as usual. The salt will help to absorb a lot of the oil in your hair, allowing your shampoo to work more effectively. Acids such as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar can help to restore the Ph balance in your hair, reducing greasiness. When rinsing out your conditioner, do so with warm water mixed with lemon juice or vinegar to help limit the amount of oil that your scalp produces.

For a quick way to fix greasy hair, you can use powders or paper to absorb some of the oil on your scalp. You can spray dry shampoo on your roots to absorb some of the oil if you have this product available, or sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on your scalp and brush it out to fix greasy hair temporarily. If you do not have any of these available, you can use tissue paper or very thin paper towels to blot your scalp, removing some of the oil.


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Post 2

As often as I have to wash my oily hair, I use the cheapest baby shampoo I can find on the store shelf. I used to use the higher end shampoos designed for greasy hair, but I couldn't really tell much of a difference after one day. I think the shampoos themselves worked as designed, but I just have an especially oily scalp.

I use a conditioner after shampooing with the baby shampoo, and I make a point of leaving it in my wet hair for at least the time suggested on the bottle. I think some people with oily hair don't give their hair products enough time to work before they rinse them out.

Post 1

I have to wash my hair every day or else it will become very greasy and unmanageable. I have found that shampoos containing tea tree oil are very good for my kind of oily hair. I buy mine at a beauty store supply shop, but there are some tea tree oil shampoos available in department store health and beauty sections. I personally don't use conditioner after I shampoo, but there are companion conditioners with tea tree oil in them, too.

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