How can I Find the Best Free Legal Advice?

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Non-profit legal associations are often among the best sources of free legal advice. This sort of organization typically offers free legal help to individuals who are low in income and discounted rates to those with moderate incomes. You may also obtain reliable advice from a pro bono lawyer, which is an attorney who provides free legal assistance in some cases. Legal forums that are monitored by licensed lawyers are also good places to seek advice. Additionally, you may obtain limited free advice from a lawyer during an initial consultation.

One of the best ways to get free legal advice is to contact a legal service or organization that offers free help. The availability of this help may depend on where you live, but non-profit organizations in many locations offer free legal advice to those who live in the community and have low incomes. Some may also serve those with moderate incomes as well. If you fit in the moderate-income category, you may be eligible to receive the advice for a discounted fee rather than completely free.


You may also obtain free legal advice from a pro bono lawyer. In many cases, a lawyer who normally charges for his services offers pro bono advice and help to select clients. In such a case, he usually limits his pro bono advice and services to those who cannot afford to pay for his help. His willingness to offer pro bono advice and assistance may also depend on his availability at the time and his level of interest in the case. You may also find a network that will connect you with a pro bono attorney for advice.

Legal forums are also good places to obtain free legal advice. Often, legal websites provide free forums that are monitored by licensed attorneys. You can request advice on such forums and receive the information you need without incurring legal fees. Some of these sites may also arrange free chats with lawyers from time to time. With these sorts of arrangements, however, you may be limited in the amount of advice you can obtain. This is because other forum members and chat attendees will likely have questions to ask the attorney as well.

Free consultations may also provide good opportunities for you to get legal advice. Many lawyers offer potential clients free consultations during which an attorney may learn more about the party’s case and answer questions. You are unlikely to obtain a lot of advice during such a consultation, but you may use it to get answers to some basic questions. For example, you may learn whether a particular action is legal via a free consultation with an attorney or get an attorney’s opinion of whether you have a solid case.


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