How can I Find and Keep my Dream Job?

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Everyone has a dream job. Some people know exactly what their dream job is, while others are still trying to figure out what they should do with their lives. Unlocking your passion, personality, and aptitude is the biggest secret in helping you discover your dream job, as well as in getting it and keeping it.

The first step is to figure out the "what" of your dream job. Throw practicality out the window at this point; think about what you like to do, not what would be practical for you to do. For example, does the thought of bookkeeping bore or excite you? If earning money were no object, what type of work activity would you do for free just because you love the work so much? What do you daydream about doing or do as a hobby in your spare time?


The second step to your dream job is focusing on who you are and the working environment you prefer. Most people can be flexible and cope quite well in environments and situations that are not ideal to them, but your true dream job is one that fits with your personality. For example, if your passion from step one is writing, your dream job could be a reporter or a novelist depending on which environment and how much interaction with others you prefer. A reporter would most likely not be the best fit for an introvert who dreams of working at home, while a novelist would probably not end up being the true dream job of an extrovert who thrives on being on the go and talking to people.

The third step is to really narrow your options down by honestly considering your skills. Everyone has a genius for something whether it is science, making fudge, selling products, building, designing, or teaching. Think back to what subjects you did well at in school and what awards or special recognition you have ever received for something you did. What do you do better than practically everyone you know? This is no time to be modest as everyone has special skills and talents.

Finally, put the information you have learned about yourself from the three steps together. You should at least have some viable dream job options to consider. Remember that you can, and often should, start small and dream big. A dream job can be kept part-time while you earn necessary pay from another job. Knowing what activities you love, the type of environment and amount of social interaction you thrive on, and your own genius skills is crucial to your future. This self knowledge can serve as a plan to keep you moving in the same direction as your true purpose, no matter what your regular paying job is.


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Mutsy- I think I read that book. The author also offers advice on the employer’s perspective as well as salary negotiations when the dream job is landed.

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Great Article- I want to say that a great book that comes to mind is “What Color is Your Parachute” by Richard N. Bolles.

This New York Times best seller offers not only advises the reader on how to find a job, but how to find the job of one's dreams.

He offers personality quizzes to help the reader narrow down potential opportunities and then provides job hunting tips to secure that ideal job.

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