How can I Deal with Hiccups During Pregnancy?

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To deal with hiccups during pregnancy, you can choose any of the tried and true home remedies for getting rid of hiccups; these include drinking significant amounts of water, dissolving sugar under the tongue, breathing exercises, or sucking on a slice of lime or fresh ginger. While experiencing hiccups is not particularly pleasant for a mother-to-be, it is commonly no cause for alarm. In general, treating hiccups during pregnancy requires no different remedies than you would use when not pregnant.

There are several possible causes of this condition, but the main cause is due to the fact that the lungs are inhaling more air than they normally would. In fact, the rates of inhalation and exhalation during pregnancy are increased as much as 30–40%. Other common causes of hiccups include eating or drinking too quickly; consuming spicy foods; and sudden inhalations, such as a cough, sneeze, or an unexpected laugh.

One of the most time-tested ways of stopping hiccups during pregnancy is to drink a glass of water in a series of gulps. The entire glass should be consumed within the span of one breath. Gargling with ice water has also been shown to be effective.

Another common remedy for hiccups is to place a teaspoon of sugar under the tongue. You should allow it to dissolve slowly and enter your system sublingually. The body will diffuse the sugar easier and distribute it more quickly than if you just swallow the sugar outright.


Breathing exercises are also frequently utilized for hiccups during pregnancy. Taking a deep breath, holding it in, and exhaling it slowly may stop hiccups. Alternately, you can try breathing into a paper bag. Another option entails holding your breath for as long as is tolerable without making yourself uncomfortable.

If you suck on a wedge of lime or a snip of fresh ginger, your hiccups might also go away. You could embellish this a bit by mixing the juices from the lime and ginger with a spoonful of honey and drinking it down. Honey is quickly absorbed by the stomach and can initiate a faster response from the lime and ginger mixture.

Hiccups during pregnancy also tend to go away of their own accord. If they last for more than a few minutes, trying one of these remedies is a good way to facilitate their cessation. If these options don't work, however, it may be wise to consult your doctor. Hiccups are rarely a cause for concern, but talking to your doctor will help address any possible underlying medical conditions and ensure a healthy pregnancy.


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Post 3

@Zipline-- Try this. Get a glass of water and a straw. When the hiccups occurs, plug your ears with your fingers and drink through the straw simultaneously.

This is something I learned all the way back in elementary school from my teacher. It's a great way to get rid of hiccups. It works every time for me. I'm not sure how it works. There must be some science behind it, but it works better than the sugar remedy in my opinion.

Post 2

@candyquilt-- Yes, it does! Pregnancy causes so many changes in the body and some of the symptoms can be odd.

I have been experiencing hiccups frequently and I'm in my second trimester. It might be because I'm breathing more due to my big stomach and increased weight. Pregnancy also causes indigestion and that seems to cause hiccups as well, at least with me.

I haven't found a solution for it yet. I take a sip of water every time it occurs but it doesn't really work. I'm going to go to the kitchen now and try the sugar remedy.

Post 1

Pregnancy causes hiccups?! I've heard of pregnancy causing some strange things like excess saliva, but this is the first time I'm hearing about pregnancy causing hiccups.

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