How can I Cope with Being Single During the Holidays?

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Being single during the holidays can stir up some depressing feelings. It can cause a person to feel sad and maybe want to skip the merriment altogether. Whether you are currently single and dealing with a break-up or have been unattached for awhile, there are ways to cope with being single around the holidays.

Instead of focusing on the fact that you’re single during the holidays, concentrate on all the good things in your life. The holidays are an especially important time to be grateful for what you do have instead of what you don’t. Consider creating a list of all the positive people in your life and what you love about yourself. Writing everything down can help to put things in perspective.

While you may feel inclined to curl up by yourself, consider going out and volunteering somewhere that can use the help. There are many organizations to choose from including animal shelters or places that deliver food to needy families. Not only will some good be done for others, but it may help you to realize that even though you are single around the holidays, there are many good things in your life to appreciate.

Another way to cope with being single during the holidays is to get engrossed in a fun activity. Consider baking several batches of cookies and delivering them to family and friends. The activity can help keep your mind off being single and your loved ones will most likely appreciate a thoughtful gift of freshly baked cookies.

Seeing couples doing activities together can be slightly depressing when you’re single during the holidays. Give yourself a moment to have those feelings, then attempt to let them go. Immediately try to start thinking of happy memories associated with the holidays, whether it has to do with your family, friends or even a pet. Tell yourself that just because there isn’t currently a significant other in your life, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to thoroughly enjoy the holidays.

While you may be without a significant other for the holidays, it doesn’t mean that your world has to stop and the merriment has to pass you by. Enlist the help of your family and friends to make sure that there are plenty of holiday themed activities to do together. The holidays are supposed to be wonderful, so do whatever possible to make sure that you are happy and positive instead of gloomy and negative.

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Post 4

I have been single for the past couple of holidays and often felt sorry for myself. I started volunteering at the homeless shelter this year and feel so much better about myself. I plan on helping the homeless, sitting home watching football and drinking my favorite wine.

Post 3

I have been single on a few of the holidays, and I just make those days all about me. I give myself permission to indulge in just about any way that I want to. I eat what I want, watch trashy TV, do my nails, drink a little too much wine and sleep as long as I like. Some people might think that this seems sad but frankly, I loved it.

There are even times now when I wish I was single now and I could just take the holiday for myself. On some holidays it would be a lot easier than loading up the kids and spending the whole day with my in-laws.

Post 2

I like to travel on the holidays. I don't really have anyone to celebrate with and I have never put a lot of stock into holidays in general.

I am a teacher and I usually have a Christmas break. I usually use this time to take a yearly vacation. Usually I go south, someplace warm. I have had some great times, seen beautiful places and met incredible people. Even on the days of the holiday itself when there is often a lot that is closed down I do not feel sad or lonely. I am just happy to be someplace new.

Post 1

I was single through most of my thirties and I had to deal with a lot of holidays being alone. I do not live anywhere close to my family so I could not easily go visit them.

At first it was hard, really hard. I had a few Christmas days when I was at my lowest. I usually ended up feeling sorry for myself and indulging a lot of bad habits. But I realized eventually that I needed to get out of the house and be around other people and find a way to feel good on lonely holidays. I got in to volunteering. There are a lot of great opportunities to volunteer on the holidays and the feeling is incredible. Instead of being alone I was helping other people.

Now I am married and my wife and I still go and volunteer on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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