How can I Cook Giblets?

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While many people are proficient with preparing most parts of the chicken, not everyone is sure what to do when it is time to cook giblets. As a collective term for the chicken heart, chicken gizzard and chicken neck, giblets are sometimes discarded. However, there are ways to cook giblets that will be both tasty and nourishing. Here are some ideas of how to work with giblets rather than tossing them aside.

Along with the poultry organs of the heart, neck and gizzard, the chicken liver is also often considered to be part of the giblets family. Often the liver can be easily prepared by washing then pan frying the liver until it is done. Just as with other forms of liver, the chicken liver can also be sautéed in a mixture of onions, which will enhance the taste. Another option is to batter and deep fry the chicken liver, giving it a crunchy exterior that will turn this member of the giblets family into a simple but tasty entrée.


The chicken gizzard is another example of giblets that often turn into favorites at mealtime. In the southern portion of the United States, chicken gizzards are almost considered a delicacy. Once again, simply dipping the gizzards into egg batter, coating them with flour and dropping them into a deep fryer will result in crunchy tidbits that are considered an ideal treat for lunch or dinner. When many people think to cook giblets, the gizzard is the first of the group that they think of preparing.

Gizzards, necks, and hearts are often sold in small packages together at meat markets and some meat departments in major supermarkets. They can be chopped into fine pieces and used to season home made gravies. In fact, is it not unusual for people to cook giblets and chop them for addition to packaged gravies as well, allowing the gravy to simmer for a time and pick up the flavor from the giblets. In addition, giblets can also be boiled along with herbs and spices to make tasty broth for use in soups and stews. If nothing else, it is possible to cook giblets and use them in this manner.

As with any type of meat, it is a good idea to keep giblets frozen until they are needed for food preparation. In addition, it is important to cook giblets after they are fully thawed. Giblets can be defrosted at room temperature, just like any parts of the chicken, or can be thawed in a low setting on a microwave oven. Because of the relatively small size of the pieces, it usually does not take long for the frozen giblets to be supple enough to be chopped for use. While giblets may not be the most desirable portions of the chicken, they are in fact usable in a number of recipes.


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Post 6

They are discarded and disposed of when the fowl is processed.

Post 5

The actual gizzard you get in the grocery store is only part of the whole gizzard - the muscle part of the organ. In their uncleaned state, there's a yellow membrane and all the grit and stones. These are cleaned out before packaging, but sometimes you will see a trace of the yellow stuff when prepping them for cooking.

Post 4

I don't agree. Gizzards are whole when they're raw. The do not look like they are sliced open. I think we need more answers!

Post 3

gizzards are sliced open then stones are removed before washing and packaging.

Post 2

I would like to know that myself. Where do the stones go that are in the gizzard? feel free to post your answer or send your reply to me.

Post 1

My friend & I love gizzards and have been eating them for years. However, we are very curious - what happens to the stones?? We have never eaten one (that we know of) and can't figure out where they go! Can anyone help us?

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