How can I Clean Moldy Walls?

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Moldy walls can be a big problem, both for the house involved and for human health. Dealing with mold in this circumstance can be challenging, since the moldy walls cannot be removed for cleaning, as is recommended with other household goods. It is also very important to clean moldy walls extremely well, since the mold will keep coming back, otherwise. Tenants should be aware that landlords are required to disclose mold problems in most places. I a landlord fails to do so, he or she may be liable for dealing with the mold, assuming that you have used the house normally.

When mold starts to appear on the walls, it needs to be addressed promptly, before it has a chance to spread further. Remember that surface mold may be linked to a larger network inside the walls, and your goal is to kill all of the mold, not just the top layer. In some cases, you may actually have to take the walls out to get inside, but try treating the surface problem first.


To kill mold, a water and bleach solution can be used, or you can try trisodium phosphate (TSP). Both chemicals are highly effective at killing molds, and they are also not very good for humans and pets. Make sure that pets are out of the way when you are working with these chemicals, and keep the room well ventilated. In addition, you should wear face, eye, and hand protection. Use a sprayer or a clean rag to thoroughly soak the mold infested walls and the neighboring areas. Be aware that paint may stain, and wallpaper should be stripped from the walls before starting this task.

After the moldy walls have been soaked, allow them to stay wet for 15 minutes to kill mold and spores, and then get the walls dry as quickly as possible. Use fans, heaters, and dehumidifiers in the space to get the walls dry. While the mold may have stained the walls slightly, it should be dead. While it is tempting to paint over the stains, wait several months to see whether or not the mold comes back. Painting over moldy walls will seal the mold in the paint, making it impossible to remove without tearing the wall out.

The best way to handle moldy walls, of course, is to not let them get moldy in the first place. Try to keep your house as clean and dry as possible with the assistance of dehumidifiers, fans, and proper ventilation. Pull back curtains, drapes, and blinds as frequently as possible to admit sunlight, which will help to kill ambient mold spores, and be vigilant about signs of mold before they get bad. Ultimately, if you live in a very humid or dark spot, you may get mold anyway, but you can reduce the seriousness of the problem, which is a good start.


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Post 3

use white vinegar.

Post 2

Bleach does not kill the mold at all; it just hides it. Never use bleach on walls. You are making the problem worse by bleaching the mold so you can't see it! by bleaching you are applying water back into the wall this alone will make the problem worse.

Bleach is a non approved way of removing mold.

Post 1

I've read several sources that now say that bleach does not kill mold & may in fact make the problem worse in some cases.

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