How can I Clean Mini-Blinds?

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Mini-blinds are convenient and attractive window treatments that have replaced the old fashioned Venetian blinds. The only draw back to having this window covering is finding an easy way to keep it clean. Most people will avoid cleaning their mini-blinds until they actually begin to change color, at which time they simply must be cleaned. To clean them, the best technique is to use chemicals rather than physical strength.

Before removing the mini-blinds from the window, vacuum them with the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. This will remove excess dust and debris. Close them both ways so you can vacuum both sides before taking them down. Remove the blinds from the window and check them for damage or unusual amounts of dirt or debris that might need special attention.


Next, take the mini-blinds outside or to the bathroom. Weather permitting, you can clean them outdoors. You will need a hose, a clothesline (or something you can fashion into a clothesline), a bucket, and a sponge. Use the bucket to make a mixture of one part water to one part ammonia, and wipe it on the mini-blinds, front and back. You should not have to scrub hard, unless the blinds were terribly neglected or have grease build-up from hanging in a kitchen. Allow the mixture to stand for about five minutes, then simply hose them down. If necessary, wipe the mini-blinds with a soft cloth or paper towel and then hang them on the clothesline to dry.

If this will be an indoor job, you will clean your mini-blinds in much the same way using the bathtub. Wipe them down with the ammonia and water mixture, let them sit for a few minutes, then rinse them off with a shower attachment or just by running the shower. If your tub is separate from the shower, fill the tub enough to rinse the blinds thoroughly. After you clean your mini-blinds, take them outside and hang them on a clothes line, or over a railing. If you have to hang them inside, you can use a shower curtain rod, or you can place an extendable rod inside any door jam. Often it saves time to clean many sets of mini-blinds at once; just make sure you have the space for drying. Remember, leave them open so they will dry more quickly.

Before re-hanging your mini-blinds, inspect them closely to make sure they are clean and dry. To help prevent future dust buildup, rub them down with an anti-static dryer sheet. Then just carefully re-hang them.


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Post 7

The mini blinds I want to clean are hung about 15 feet over my head in a stairwell in a 150-year-old Victorian mansion. They extend down to where I am, of course, but I cannot take them down without a crane, nor would they fit in a bathtub, etc. I still need to clean them, however, and there are several sets of them to clean! (Large stairwell.) I have to clean them where they are, and I can only reach the lower several feet of them.

Post 6

I used a soft, wide, organic paint brush and '409'. I had removed the brackets because I was re-painting so I attached the brackets to a piece of 1x2 and supported it between my ladder and a fence. I used the garden hose and an air nozzle and my air compressor. I kept tilting the blinds back and forth while I gently blow dried them.

Post 5

I've tried the bath tub, rub them method. It's always hard work. Guess that's why I neglect them.

I used the Zep spray on tile cleaner for the bathroom. t has bleach and worked like a charm. I was wondering if I could just spray the mini blinds and then rinse.

Has anyone ever used that method? I thought the bleach may be too hard on the plastic and strings.

Post 4

I like anon's ideas for the paint brush!

I have difficulty bending over the bathtub so devised a workaround:

I use the garage/carport; lay out an old plastic shower curtain, raise sides with bricks/logs, or even water-filled milk jugs to create a shallow pool, then spray with the ammonia solution and let set however long. I can easily get to the blinds in this way, I have plenty of room and don't have to worry about messy splashing and dripping, or tying up the bathroom. They dry faster outside, as well.

Post 2

I have found that a clean paintbrush works much faster than a sponge. Simply use ammonia and water, and run the paintbrush quickly back and forth over the blinds. Much faster, much cleaner.

Moderator's reply: thanks for the tip!

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