How can I Choose the Best Pair of Jeans for Me?

Diana Bocco

If you have been trying to choose the best pair of jeans for your figure for years and always end up getting whatever fits "closest," there is still hope. The most important step is to understand the type of figure you have. A person with wide hips and a person with a boyish figure should not be wearing the same type of jeans, so it's important for you to understand the difference. A short person and a tall person also have different "best styles" for them. Once you understand what works for you, choosing the right clothes becomes much easier.

A woman wearing jeans with a tapered leg.
A woman wearing jeans with a tapered leg.

Choose the best jeans you can afford. Cheap, non-brand clothes may not fit proportionately and may hang differently on different parts of the body. It doesn't matter if you're partial to a brand or prefer to shop around, but always try a few different companies to see which ones make the best design for your figure.

But-cut jeans can balance wide hips.
But-cut jeans can balance wide hips.

Stick to blue jeans unless you have the budget to get additional shades. White jeans come and go out of style and are not a good choice for people with heavier backsides. Other colors may look tacky depending on the occasion, so choose carefully.

Low-rise jeans may help reduce rear end size.
Low-rise jeans may help reduce rear end size.

If you need to choose the best pair of jeans to hide a physical flaw, think stretch and details. Boot-cut styles, for example, balance wide hips, and high-waisted trouser jeans will help those with short legs. Stretch jeans often fit better, because they adapt to your figure. Go low-rise if you need to hide a big rear end, because it makes the area look smaller than a regular pair.

Don't ignore comfort. Jeans that are too tight may not be comfortable when you try to sit down, and people will probably notice. Those that are too low may become too revealing, and you may walk or sit self-consciously, making even a great pair of jeans look awkward. Having jeans that fit you well will not only cause you to look good, but to feel good.

Jeans that are too tight might be uncomfortable when you sit down.
Jeans that are too tight might be uncomfortable when you sit down.

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@ Amphibious54- That's a funny story. I have learned the hard way about buying my wife clothes too, so don't feel bad. I don't even bother going shopping with her anymore unless she specifically asks me too. When I want to get her a nice gift, I get her a gift certificate to the spa and another for the mall so she can have fun with her friends. How she finds getting a massage from a stranger and hours of trying on clothes with friends therapeutic beats me, but it buys me a round of golf and a round of drinks with my friends so I can’t complain. It is also much less painful than carrying bags from store to store, holding her purse while she tries stuff on, and giving her my opinion on whether she should buy something so she can do the exact opposite.


@ Amphibious54- That was a bold move my friend. Don't you know that a girls best friend is a gift card. Trying to buy something for a woman without having her try it on is a sure way to embarrassment (or an argument if the item you bought is too big). Jeans change style every six months, and just because she says they look cute in a window doesn't mean she will like it or actually wear it.


I never realized how big of a deal the perfect fit is to a woman when it comes to jeans than when I tried to surprise my lady with a new pair. We were shopping together one day while on vacation, and she told me that she liked a pair of jeans she saw in the window at the Juicy Store.

I thought that those pair of designer jeans would have been the perfect gift, so I looked at another pair of jeans she had in her suitcase, made note of the size, and went back to the store and bought her the jeans. I surprised her when we got home with the jeans. Long story short, she hated them because they didn't fit right and I spent so much money on them. Something about the way they fit around her ankle. I thought that she would love them (mostly because she said so herself), but they ended up being more trouble than they were worth. There was no Juicy store within four hundred miles of my house and I lost the receipt (I never keep those things). They ended up as a $250 dollar closet decoration for the next year and a half.

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