How can I Baby-Proof my Home?

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Having a baby around is one of the most exciting privileges one can have. Watching a baby learn how to use his or her hands and begin to explore the environment is amazing, but it can also be dangerous. It is extremely important to baby-proof every room.

The easiest way to baby-proof a home is to get down on your hands and knees and pretend that you do not know what anything is. Also, scrutinize every area of your home that is three feet (0.9 m) above the floor, which is generally the height within a child’s reach. When you put yourself in the perspective of a young child, you will begin to see all the dangers that should be removed in order to effectively baby-proof a home.

One of the most common and dangerous attractions for babies is the electrical outlet. In order to baby-proof these, purchase plastic electrical outlet covers and plug them into any outlets that are not being used. In order to baby proof electrical outlets that are in use, try to block the baby’s access with heavy furniture. Electrical cords also pose a threat to a child, who may chew on them or pull on them, causing whatever they are attached to to potentially fall on top of baby.


Another important step to baby-proof your home is to remove all valuables to locations that are safely out of reach. Vases, knick knacks and shiny objects are irresistible to children and can easily be broken or pulled down on top of the baby. Also, remove houseplants from baby’s reach. Many houseplants are poisonous if swallowed.

Tablecloths are a huge risk for little crawlers. Once a baby starts to crawl, it won’t be long before he or she starts pulling to a standing position on furniture and tables. Tablecloths will slide and cause the baby to fall, as well as pulling any items on the table off. Likewise, baby-proof draperies and blinds so that baby does not become entangled in fabrics and cords.

Frequently make sure that the floor is always clear of tiny objects that a baby might choke on. This is especially important when there are older children around who tend to have toys with small parts. Vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors daily is a sure way to maintain a baby-proof home. You should avoid shag carpets or rugs with long pile that may hide tiny objects from adult view.

It is important to baby-proof kitchens and bathrooms thoroughly, because they often contain chemicals that can be fatal. Keep all cleaning supplies out of reach in a high cabinet, or purchase cabinet locks to keep little fingers out. Make sure all electrical cords are inaccessible, and keep pot handles turned in to prevent scalding and burning. In the bathroom, dispose of all medications, both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, that are expired or not needed.

There are countless products available on the market to help you baby-proof your home. Door knob devices that make it impossible for little hands to turn the knob are a great way to prevent children from entering rooms that are not baby-proof. Baby gates are also an invaluable purchase for protection against stairs and other off limit areas. Be sure to lock children out of basements, garages or any other areas that cannot be considered baby-proof.

Having a safe, baby-proof home is a continuous process. As your child grows, new experiences and new threats will abound. Always supervise children, even in the most carefully baby-proofed home. No matter how baby-proof a room is, unsupervised children have a knack for finding themselves in unsafe situations.


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The baby gate is one of the best baby proof products ever invented. We couldn't have raised our son safely without having several of them placed strategically throughout the house, because he was always trying to get into everything. However, it is also important that parents who use baby gates make sure that they are safely secured. If not, babies can also pull these gates down on top of them, or fall over them.

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