How can Changing Cabinet Doors Renovate a Room?

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Changing cabinet doors in a kitchen or bathroom is a relatively simple renovation project that can make a dramatic difference to a room. Cabinet doors and their hardware are the most eye-catching part of cabinets, so if these are changed drastically, the whole appearance of the room looks different. Homeowners can save a lot of money and labor by replacing cabinet and drawer fronts rather than entire cabinets.

Some homeowners like to replace their cabinet doors after repainting the room to really renovate the look of a room. Make sure that the cabinet and wall colors go well together. Some people prefer a subtle distinction between wall and cabinet colors, while others like a striking contrast. Using dark wood cabinets and a dark paint color or light cabinets and light paint gives a subtle look to a kitchen or bathroom. Having dark cabinets with a pale wall color or light cabinets with a dark wall color gives a more dramatic look to a room.

To add a more open, airy feeling to your kitchen, consider using some glass replacement cabinet doors. They are often more expensive than solid doors, yet just two or three is all it usually takes to give a new look to a kitchen. Use glass doors on cupboards in which items will look good on display such as a cabinet that contains attractive glass canister jars, or a collection of attractive dishes with some of the plates on stands.


New cupboard door handles and drawer pulls can also add a different look to a kitchen or bathroom. If you're on a tight budget when replacing your cabinet doors, you may want to repaint the existing cabinet and drawer hardware to use on the replacement doors to get a new look without having to spend extra money. The appearance of a cabinet door changes greatly depending on the style and finish of the handle. For example, a thin stainless steel rod handle adds a contemporary look, while a hammered copper style gives a more rustic appeal.

Solid wood replacement cabinet doors are available in finishes from light cream to dark brown. Oak and pine doors can add an informal or country look to a room, while cherry cupboard doors tend to set a more elegant tone. Maple replacement doors are popular as they fit in well with many different decors. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) doors are less expensive than solid wood cabinet doors and are available in many different colors and finishes. Some MDF replacement doors are made to look like wood such as oak, birch, pine or walnut.


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In the last house I owned, I had old, generic-looking white kitchen cabinets. I found replacement doors that weren't too expensive, but were the same color as the old ones. After I completed this project, my friends and family members thought that I remodeled the entire kitchen!

The bottom line is that you will be surprised how different such a small renovation as replacing cabinet doors will do for your home.

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If you want to change the looks of your kitchen by changing your cabinet doors, but you don't have the money to do this, paint and new cabinet door hardware are inexpensive answers to your problem. If you freshen up your cabinets by painting them and replacing old hardware, you will be surprised how new your entire kitchen will look.

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