How Big is the iPod Nano&Reg;?

L. S. Wynn
L. S. Wynn

The iPod nano® is yet another member of Apple Computer's venerable iPod® family. The model name was clearly chosen to focus attention on the diminutive size of the portable music player. This particular iPod® is certainly petite, and according to the tech specs from Apple's site, the dimensions are 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches (8.9 x 4.1 x 0.7 cm). Although these dimensions might you a general idea of the size, but how big is it really? How does it fit in your hands; how does it fit into your pocket? If you haven't had a chance to hold one, you might like to make a simple but very accurate model with the following life-size iPod nano paper template (pdf):

The iPod Nano is designed for people who are on the go.
The iPod Nano is designed for people who are on the go.

Apple products, such as the iPod Nano, are marketed with the company's apple symbol.
Apple products, such as the iPod Nano, are marketed with the company's apple symbol.

Making the model from the template should be relatively straightforward (don't worry, no complex origami skills required). Simply open the pdf file and print it. The iPod nano® model works best with stiff paper such as cardstock, but regular paper will work. Solid lines should be cut, dotted lines are fold lines, and the cross-hatched areas represent glue or tape tabs.

Please note that to open and print the iPod nano® template you will need the free Adobe® Reader®.

The tagline that Apple has given to the iPod nano® is "impossibly small" which has a very similar cadence to Apple's first well known tagline: "insanely great." Take a look at how similar these two taglines actually are:

"Impossibly small" is an obvious nod to the product that brought Apple Computer into the mainstream. Considering the glowing reviews that the iPod nano® has received, perhaps it will be as much a success for the company as the Macintosh® was.

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I have a new pair of Nike+ shoes (the ones that you can add the chip to and keep track of your running). Is the Ipod Nano really the only one I can use with them? And I'm a PC person can I still use an Ipod? Thanks to helpful people who will answer!


I got my iPod shuffle from Santa. It is very small and lightweight, a little bigger than a postage stamp, yet it gives hours of entertainment. It has a clip so it can be attached to any piece of clothing. The shuffle is so practical and handy especially when traveling or exercising. An additional nice feature is that it also comes in a few different colors.


The name might be deceiving.... With a name like nano, you might imagine the nano to be insanely small, but, the iPod shuffle is, in fact, *much* smaller than the nano! It doesn't hold as much music as the nano or have a screen, but its convenient super small size makes up for all that in my opinion!

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