How Available Is Kosher Food?

Kosher food is fairly available in the United States, with about 40 percent of U.S. grocery sales coming from certified kosher products. About one-fifth of all Americans buy kosher food, and about 80 percent of kosher food sales are made to non-Jews. More than half of the consumers who buy kosher food say it's because they think that it is healthier.

More facts about kosher food:

  • Kosher food is food that follows Jewish dietary laws. Among other things, kosher food must come from certain animals, cannot include blood and must not involve a mixture of milk and meat.

  • American consumers spend more than $165 billion US Dollars (USD) on kosher food every year.

  • Hebrew National sausages, a kosher product, are the top-selling hot dogs in the U.S. Some conservative kosher followers might not eat them, though, because the hot dogs do not follow a type of kosher called glatt kosher, which is followed by many Orthodox Jews.

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