Does Honey Spoil?

No, honey does not spoil. Its low moisture content and high concentration of sugar keep bacteria and yeast away. If it's stored in too moist of an environment, it can ferment, however. Aged honey sometimes will crystallize as well; warming it usually can turn it back into a liquid.

Sweet, sweet facts:

  • About 1.2 million tonnes of honey are produced worldwide each year.

  • Bee pollination can be attributed to about 1/3 of the human diet, directly or indirectly.

  • Honey has been found in ancient tombs — and was still edible at the time it was found!

  • Top honey producers include China, Turkey and the United States.

  • Bees fly about 50,000 miles to produce one pound of honey.

  • Honey also can be used to treat wounds because of its properties that inhibit bacterial growth. Its medicinal use, however, fell out of popularity with the discovery of antibiotics.
More Info: Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce; Science Daily; Food and Agriculture Organization

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I didn't know that bees were determined to fly so far to make their honey. However, 50,000 miles is quite a lot, and it makes me wonder if some of them die long before they finish their journey.


In reference to the third bullet point, considering how honey was still edible when it was found in ancient tombs, I'm assuming that it's nearly impossible for it to spoil.

That's one of the things I like most about honey. Not only is it very sweet, as you can put it in and on just about anything, but it also has no expiration date. In fact, if you want to test it out, the next time you go to the store, keep it in the back of your cupboard for years to come. Trust me, you'll be in for a surprise.


Wow, I didn't know that honey could be used to treat wounds. In fact, does that still go on in this day and age? From my experience, it sure doesn't seem to be the case. However, the next time I get a wound, I think I may try a little experiment with honey, and see how well it works out. It's too bad that it's fallen out of popularity.

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