Do Waterproof MP3 Players Exist?

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In case you’re missing your music during your morning swim, or while you relax in the tub or take a quick shower, you’ll be glad to know that there are waterproof MP3 players. One can purchase waterproof MP3 players from a number of sources, and they range in price from about 70 to over 200 US dollars (USD). The more expensive ones tend to have superior sound, but even the more inexpensive waterproof MP3 players have received positive reviews.

Unfortunately for devotees of Apple products, there currently are no waterproof iPods. What one can do is purchase waterproofing kits for iPods, shuffles and the like. These also come with waterproof earphones, which are important, since your iPod earphones will quickly die if submerged in water.

Waterproofing kits will add quite a bit of cost to iPods. Average kits, made by several companies, cost about 70-100 USD. That can be a lot of money to add to some of the more expensive non-waterproof MP3 players that Apple makes. It is probably a cheaper bet to purchase less expensive waterproof MP3 players than to purchase the waterproofing kits currently on the market for iPods.

One company, SwimMan, does offer to take new iPod Shuffles, and waterproof them. This is not done by Apple, and the Shuffle is taken apart and put together again with waterproofed components. This costs about 150 USD for the Shuffle alone, and 250 USD for the Shuffle and waterproof earphones.


Some people are bound to wonder why anyone needs waterproof MP3 players to begin with. Certainly, there are some circumstances under which they should not be used. For instance virtually all of them are not rated for diving, and could cause intense ear pressure, harming the ears.

Additionally, if you’re planning to use waterproof MP3 players while pursuing water activities like boating, waterskiing or riding a jet ski, think again. A lot of these activities are much safer if you can hear what’s happening around you. If you’ve got your MP3 cranked up, you might not hear other boats approaching, or warnings called out to you.

Generally, if you’re just concerned about not ruining your MP3 when you’re around water, waterproof MP3 players are a great way to go. You’ll be able to safely sing in the shower, or not worry if the kids splash you in the pool. Also, it might make swimming laps a little more fun.


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Post 5

Wetplayer is the best waterproof mp3 player I've had

Post 4

Yes, there a few brands of waterproof mp3 player in the market. One of them is LAVOD AquaCube or MusicTube in 2GB or 4GB storage memory.

Post 3

looks like a ty-man mp3 without any features.

Post 1

Actually there is an excellent waterproof MP3 about to be launched End of September 2008 by ubanana. it looks excellent - NO wires and fits snugly around the back of head. Check it out!

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