Do Stop Smoking Medications Work for All Smokers?

Different types of stop smoking medications work well for many smokers, but there is no single medication that will be effective for every smoker. In some cases, the choice of stop smoking drugs will be influenced by other health issues that must be addressed as part of the treatment. For example, some stop smoking aids do not work well for people who are suffering from anxiety disorders, include generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder. A qualified healthcare professional can assess the condition of the patient and recommend a smoking cessation drug that is likely to be effective.

More facts about stop smoking medications:

  • Some stop smoking medications can be used to treat other types of illnesses. For example, bupropion is marketed under several brand names as a treatment for depression as well as a smoking cessation aid.

  • The use of medication to break the smoking habit significantly increases the chances for success. Studies indicate that using a stop smoking medication under the direction of a healthcare professional will double a smoker's chances of being able to quit.

  • Many stop smoking medications work by promoting the production of dopamine. This natural chemical helps calm the body’s craving for nicotine and helps with the nervousness and irritability that are common during nicotine withdrawal.

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