Do Parents Limit Video Game Time for Their Children?

Most parents, approximately 83%, limit video game time for their children, according to 2010 findings from the Entertain Software Rating Board (ESRB). Video games were found to be more likely to have parental time limits than internet or television usage. Although most parents surveyed limit video game time, this does not mean they necessarily consider the activity in a negative manner: 64% of parents say they believe that video games are a positive part of their children’s lives. Children under 18 only comprise less than one-quarter of all video game users—the average video game player is thought to be approximately 34 years old.

More about video games:

  • The average video game player in the US spends eight hours a week playing video games.

  • Video game annual sales are around $24 billion US Dollars (USD). In comparison, box office movie sales were only approximately $10 billion USD, according to 2014 figures.

  • The average video game player in the United Kingdom plays for nearly three hours a day and 15% of them claim to have had romantic relationships end due to disagreements about video game activity.

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