Do I Need Travel Insurance?

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When it comes to planning for an extended business trip or a vacation, it is always a good idea to look into the possibility of obtaining travel insurance. Essentially, this is a type of insurance coverage designed to protect the traveler in the event of emergencies or circumstances that create any type of interruption or disturbance in the vacation plans. One of the most valuable applications of this insurance has to do with providing protection from delays and cancellations that can derail a travel itinerary.

This is especially true in the event of vacations or trips that involve sea cruises. The insurance comes in handy when a trip is either canceled completely due to weather or political situations, or is cut short for the same factors. Cruise lines do not always offer any type of refund or remuneration when these sorts of situations occur. Cruise insurance helps to fill the gap, providing not only compensation for the canceled trip, but also providing resources that can help cover any travel expenses to and from the port of origin for the cruise.


Travel insurance is also helpful in the event of a medical emergency, with transportation in the event of a medical situation often being covered in two ways. First, if the traveler becomes seriously ill during a trip, the insurance will cover associated medical costs, including arranging transportation back home if necessary. These is especially important when traveling abroad, as not all health insurance policies provide coverage outside the country of origin. In the event that a close relative, such as a spouse or child, becomes seriously ill at home, the insurance may also aid the traveler in making and paying for transportation back to his or her home town.

Insurance can also help with expenses associated with lodging issues. If hotel reservations become lost or are unavailable due to some sort of error, travel insurance can provide support in ironing out the problems or securing other accommodations in a short period of time. This ensures that an entire trip is not spoiled, and that the traveler can still manage to enjoy the vacation or make any scheduled business appointments.

Insurance that protects against a wide range of events that could make travel difficult is a great way to minimize problems, and ensure that whatever comes up, the traveler will endure a minimum of financial loss as well as inconvenience. Many providers offer different types of coverage, so it is always a good idea to figure out the types and limits of the coverage you need, and then shop around for a good deal. Affordable and relatively easy to obtain, this insurance is both a practical and important part of planning any type of extended trip.


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Post 3

Yes, travel insurance has helped me too, once when I was on my summer vacations in Japan. Today too, one thinks twice whether or not to enter into the hustle and bustle of taking an insurance cover. I think it's because they don't know much regarding how easy it is today to get one! Many websites today offer knowledge regarding travel insurance.

Post 2

allienoelle- I agree that purchasing one of these cards is a good way for students to get travel insurance. I had an International Student Identity Card when I was in college.

During my senior year, I participated in a student volunteer trip to Mexico. I got sick during the trip and had to go to the doctor. The card helped cover the medication that the doctor prescribed to me. I wouldn’t have had enough money to pay for the doctor and the medication if I didn’t have the insurance the card provided.

Post 1

Students who want travel insurance for an international trip, such as a study abroad program, should consider applying for an International Student Identity Card. This card contains a student’s picture and school information and distinguishes them as a student when traveling overseas.

Additionally, this card provides students with basic sickness and accident travel insurance. You must be a full-time student over the age of 15 to be eligible for the card. Cards are $22 and are issued at many universities. This can be a good alternative to purchasing pricey travel insurance.

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