Do Good Drivers in Stockholm Receive Monetary Rewards?

Good drivers in Stockholm can receive monetary rewards through a lottery system through winnings made of traffic fines from speeding drivers. As part of a November 2010 test initiative by the Swedish National Society for Road Safety, known as the Speed Camera Lottery, a traffic camera recorded driver speed on a multi-lane road in Stockholm. Each driver’s speed was displayed on the device and also recorded by the system. Speeders received a citation and the money from their fines was allocated to a lottery prize drawing for the drivers who were recorded driving the speed limit. During the three-day testing period, average speeds dropped by 22% and one winner received $3,000 US Dollars (USD); however, the initiative was not implemented permanently.

More about road traffic:

  • In 2012, Stanford University implemented a campaign to reduce traffic congestion with a lottery incentive for people who commuted during off-peak times.

  • Traffic accidents are responsible for over 1.2 million deaths worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Brussels, Belgium has the worst traffic jams in the world and 83 hours were wasted in traffic congestion in 2013, according to research from traffic data company Inrix.

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Brussels has the worst traffic jams in the world? I can't believe it. Probably they didn't include Lagos in the research.

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