Do Dangerous Situations Create Attraction?

Scientists have done studies that suggest that doing exciting and potentially dangerous activities promotes attraction. This psychological phenomenon is called the misattribution of attraction. A famous classic study about this was done in 1974 by psychologists Art Aron and Donald Dutton. Scientists believe that the effect of danger increasing attraction is closely tied to increased levels of adrenaline and dopamine in the brain.

More about love:

  • People in love tend to idealize their partners by explaining away their flaws and magnifying their virtues.

  • On average, men fall in love faster than women.

  • Research shows that people who have strong positive social ties in their life tend to live longer and be healthier.

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It will be a "nature's brain" to attract and help/save women from a dangerous situation by a

man, who is generally stronger than a woman, which leads to a mental and then to a physical relationship -- an inevitable deed of nature's creativity. At the the same time, the man also will have the same hormone increase in his brain, to show his "Heroism".

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