Do Artists Grow up in Wealthier Households than Doctors?

Adults who become artists grew up in wealthier households than doctors, according to a study of 12,000 participants over a 40-year period. The average artist grew up in a household with an annual income of about $65,000 US Dollars (USD), while the average childhood household income of a doctor was about $55,000 USD. On average, doctors made about 40% more money per year than their parents did, while artists made about 30% less than their parents. One reason why artists tend to come from wealthier households might be that children in those families have the financial security to pursue fields that are not as high-paying.

More about household income and future occupations:

  • Lawyers and judges grew up in the wealthiest households, on average, at about $85,000 USD per year.

  • Adults in the farming, fishing and forestry industries typically grew up in the lowest-income households, where the average income was less than $35,000 USD per year.

  • Those who work in religious jobs tend to have an income that is the most similar to what their parents made.

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I beg to differ. I am from a low income household and I consider myself an artist. I just got my painting on the cover of my church's bulletin for Good Friday.

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