Can Veggie Burgers Be Just as Filling as Hamburgers?

The next time you have a hankering for a big, juicy hamburger, just hold on a minute before you order the meatiest item on the menu. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen say that if you substitute a burger made of legumes (such as beans or peas) for a meat patty, you’ll feel more satiated and you’ll stay full longer. The 2016 study focused on 43 young men who were served a combination of meat-based burgers and plant-based burgers. The scientists found that the participants consumed 12 percent fewer calories in their next meal after eating a pea-and-bean burger, compared to how much they ate in their next meal after consuming a pork-and-veal burger.

Eat veggies, feel full, stay healthy:

  • “It is somewhat contrary to the widespread belief that one ought to consume a large amount of protein because it increases satiety more,” explained University of Copenhagen professor Anne Raben.
  • The researchers added that sustainable eating -- taking in more vegetables, for example -- helps reduce fat accumulation in arteries and can help with weight loss.
  • The plant-based burgers contained more fiber than the meat-based burgers, which contributed to the participants' feelings of satiety, even though they contained less protein than the meat patties.
More Info: University of Copenhagen

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Um, a hamburger is made of beef, not pork and veal.

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