Can One Eat Haggis in the US?

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One cannot eat haggis in the US because traditional haggis has been banned since 1971 due to the dish containing sheep lungs.

Haggis is a Scottish savory pudding made from oats, suet, onion, and spices, along with sheep heart, liver and lungs. The mixture is piped into sheep's stomach, or sausage casing, and cooked. Haggis is a Scottish tradition and available throughout Scotland.

Foods containing sheep lungs were banned in the United States in 1971. Thus traditional, authentic haggis has not been imported to or made in the US since then. One can find the modified American version of haggis without the sheep lungs, however.

More about Scottish cuisine:

  • Shortbread, a buttery cookie; tablet, a sugary confection and cranachan, a fresh fruit dessert with cream and toasted oats, are popular Scottish desserts.
  • About 5.4 billion British pounds (GBP) worth of Scottish food and drink were exported to countries around the world in 2011.
  • Authentic Scottish food often features beef, game meat, fish, oats, potatoes and berries. Oat porridge was the most common meal for the Scottish in ancient times.

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