Can Milk get Rid of Garlic Breath?

Drinking a glass of milk can help get rid of garlic breath. Scientists found that the water and fat in milk help to neutralize the smell of garlic breath, which is caused by sulfur compounds in garlic. Although both whole milk and fat-free milk have a neutralizing effect, whole milk works better because of the fat content. Also, for maximum effect, garlic and milk should be consumed together, for instance, by drinking a glass of milk with a meal that includes garlic.

More facts on garlic:

  • April 19 is National Garlic Day in the U.S.. This is presumably celebrated more in California, which produces 90% of the garlic in the U.S.

  • There are all kinds of health benefits associated with garlic, some scientifically verified and some that are old wives' tales. For instance, we know that garlic is good for regulating blood pressure, can reduce the risk of some cancers and acts as a natural antibacterial, but claims that garlic is good for increasing strength and endurance, protecting against allergies, reducing the common cold and curing acne are more speculative. Its effectiveness as a vampire repellent also has not been proved.

  • Garlic is sometimes infused into vodka, and it makes an appearance in cocktails such as a Thai-style Bloody Mary, a Garlic Martini and a Funky Garlic.

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